Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Welcome to Shenzen where pickpockets thrive!

I do not like to paint a bad picture on China's thriving tourism trade and scenes, but things get of hands when more poor migrants enter the City of Shenzen to look for a living. In their desperate quest for survival, they pick up despicable skill to rob other fellow Chinese's (foreign tourists too) earnings and upkeep by becoming pickpockets. The thieves are so blatantly bold that they go about their act without feeling ashamed from the stares of bystanders. The perpetrators are mainly young Chinese kids and teenagers, either boys or girls; they take it like others' loss will be their gain and that comes natural in survival. Besides, the bystanders are numb and nonchalant to such daily occurrence that they turn blind eyes to these social ill scenes, harboring a thought that so long they are not the victims, it is okay. Sadly if this trend is unchecked, a modern, vibrant and superpower China will suffer as its image will go down the drain as a damned country like the rogue nation of North Korea. The newly elected party leader of China Xi Jin-Pin will have lots of homework to eradicate the widespread poverty of grass root, general mass, viz. mainly the peasants and unskilled laborers  The Chinese politburo should stress and instill in their education policies the importance of civil mindedness, and law abiding conduct , so as to transform the country into a modern, and progressive one.
The report from an Asian tourist:
When we were in Shenzen last year, the tour guide told us that anything at your "back" belongs to the pickpockets; on your "side" the things belong to both the pickpockets and you. Only the things in front of you belong to you. In other words, be careful when you travel or visit other places...all over China, even in your home town, always have the habit of placing your bag in front of you....

Look, very young pickpockets in action, plying their skill and trade in broad day light in Shenzen, in full view of bystanders! Do be careful the next time you're in Shenzen and other Chinese cities for that matter.


Look after yourself when travelling abroad

Many thanks to Thomas Eapen for sharing.

Alan CY Kok      
Footnote: To be fair, the same scenes could be found
in Rome, Italy, and France too. 

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