Monday, 6 May 2013

Fun with pictures taken during coincident situations

Nice color though. With her size, she's smart to sit on the floor.
Watch with careful eyes, who's hugging who?
OMG! Is it a mutant sunbathing on the beach?
It's a great cover up alright!

Feline with a muscular human body.

For a while you may think this is obscene. 
It's all because she shares her bed with a dog and a cat.
She cleverly hides her tiny body in front of her friend
It's all too confusing. What you see is the 
bottom of a platform above the ground. 
 Don't worry, it's a guy showing off his skinny body frame.
She sure was blessed to possess long slander body and legs.
Hi you there! Were you that cute and chubby when you're younger?
The blonde has strong muscular hairy arm! oh my!
Mmmm.....London Tower in one hand!
You saw a pair of tiny legs?

It seems that the beast has a mouth big enough to swallow a person. 
Was it a mirage or was she floating?
When she finishes her announcement, 
will she fly away on the magic carpet?
Ingenious ad for the paper cup manufacturer. 

Thanks for reading 
Alan CY Kok            

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