Thursday, 16 May 2013

Funny pictures from all over the world

                Current US President Obama was a proletariat working 
                 class farmer back in the 60s when he was an internee 
            at the People's Congress in Beijing, China. You believe that?
This cute Bambi candy biscuit is meant to be eaten.
This is a bona fide air-craft carrier.
Widest gap seen as this farmer laughed heartily. 
Some how the gap fitted snugly for his teeth set. 
This guy is trying to show off his artificial large ass. 
This is what we call a bull-run!
Somehow the Chinese are ingenious to have achieved 
a few impossible feats. For e.g. the managed
 to train a cat to be a car-repairing mechanic.......
A monkey reads the newspaper intensely. The Chinese managed to train him to do that. Now it's his homework to read newsprint every morning. Hey Dude, what's new?                                                                       
A mother pig is trained to climb tree, with her baby piggy-ridding on her back.
The Chinese also managed to cross breed a cockerel and a cat. 
This is the mutant turned out to be. Is it possible?
The Chinese has also trained a feline cat to get along very well with a duck.
                                   They even trained cats to be actor and actress. 
                                  It's "You jump I jump" fame as they portrayed 
                                                        in 'Titanic'. 
                    This pig has been trained to behave like a guard dog. 
                                     But so far, it keeps on sleeping.
Move over a bit, will you? This is an obvious case of big bully.
While talking over the public phone booth,
 this dancer lady does the stretch. 
But chaps are waiting!
Oh my! That's fast, boy!!
With smart phone, Ipad, and laptop in their possession, few pupils and students will 
actually look into dictionary to find the words they're looking for.
How's that bike you're riding? Is it comfortable and economical on fuel?
Come fight with me!
Hand blower-dryer in the ladies'public toilet. How thoughtful!
Mmmm.....Good idea. A high heeled shoe fitted nicely onto a motorcycle. 
You....are the weaker one. Admit it, will you?
A real life hot dog to be munched.
Faster! Have you got it? We need to catch the fish for dinner!
This safety measure is blatantly challenging the intelligence of the burglar. It's an insult!
Largest pig on earth: What are they looking for?
Mom's milk comes in handy and easily reached. Yummy!
No fear, Batman and Robin come to your rescue. 
Now just follow us, jump down!
While everyone waited for the arrival of the 
newly wed couple for their wedding lunch,
                                     they stole a moment of privacy beyond the wall.
The car suffered heavy damaged as it collided with a bicycle. 
Now that's what we called "tough" metal alloy-wheel. 
The park road sweeper has an unique hobby. It takes years to master that!
A holiday picture was ruined by having the naked woman appeared at the background. 
This is not a funny picture.
The pitiful pretty lass was caught for shop lifting. 
If you were to be the shop proprietor,
will you be kind enough to let her go?
Have you got to be that ostentatiously showing-off to display your pole-grabbing stunt? 
Alright then you can be there for another two hours!
 Spider man took his family for an outing in a crowded Chinatown walkway. 
I'm not that unfriendly fierce dog - master portrayed me as one. 
Better get rid of the sign before more misunderstanding emerges. 
The result of drunk bike-riding - the impact of the bicycle 
hitting the tree was so strong that the tree fell. 
The rider? He snoozed off, had not been awaken yet.
See how the Egyptians peddle their water melons in their sales gimmick. 
You dare to date me? Think again, try your guts!
But the G-string seems to be out of place.
Wonder the tiny zebra-donkey could hold the heavy load of the goods?
This ain't Tommy gun, no mean machine gun, neither M16, 
it's Kyrgyzstan home-made giant killer machine gun! 

for reading.

Alan CY Kok

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