Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ghostly Incidents Part 3

Section Manager collapsed at his desk

Kamal had been working in an electronic factory in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur since his graduation from an American university during the 90s. The normally reticent engineer who worked diligently throughout his 15 years of service at the electronic plant was well-liked by his stuff and colleagues with his pleasant disposition and his affable mannerism. He had since been promoted to become a section manager as his hard work had been recognized. He was just about to celebrate his 40 year-old birthday.

As usual Kamal began his routine arriving at his factory at 8.30am sharp. A cup of coffee and slices of bread at the canteen of the plant and a chat with his colleagues ended quickly as Kamal rushed to his cubicle office like a whirl wind as he expected some emails coming in from their principal HQ in the US that needed his attention and action. Kamal turned on his desktop computer but noted that his computer was not responding. He tried to stand up to check on the connection with the power source but felt feeble with his knees – he could not even get up from his seat! Kamal shouted for attention but his voice could not be heard by others. He was feeling disoriented, his consciousness waning, his mind was blank and his vocal power was reduced to a whine. His colleagues nearby heard a loud thumping sound at his desk and rushed over to find Kamal fallen and slumped on the floor. His mouth was shut with foams forming around his lips; Kamal had become unconscious while starting his day. An ambulance took him rapidly to the closest hospital nearby where he received medical treatment and underwent diagnosis to ascertain the cause of his abrupt fainting.


To the surprise and relief of everyone, including his wife and children, Kamal was declared fit as a fiddler by the doctors at the private hospital. They carried out stringent and meticulous examinations on him with head and heart scanning, detailed blood tests, ECG, stool and urine sampling checks etc. Kamal passed all the tests carried out on him with an all clear report on his health. He visited his gym regularly for his work-out and was not a smoker. Regarding his sudden black out in his office, the doctors claimed that they would attribute his fainting to his busy schedule and his ‘burnt out’ body condition. Kamal was given some health supplements and few days away from his busy workplace for some total rest and was subsequently discharged.

At home, Kamal quietly confided in his wife that he felt an unusual eerie chill despite the fact that he had put on a jacket just like everyone else did. He was seeing a dark shadow flashing by him in split of second when he was about to sit down. That apparition blew something foul onto his face and when he regained consciousness, he was already lying on the hospital bed. While he felt chilled, the doctors found him to be in great discomfort with sweltering heat as his shirt was wet with cold sweat. It was all so baffling as these symptoms could be found mostly on patients suffering from stroke or heart attack. Kamal resumed his work after a week’s medical leave; he thanked his lucky stars that no such untoward incident happened to him anymore thereafter.

A sudden gush of weird wind that blew no one good

A leisure drive to the country side was ruined in a disastrous mishap.

Bobby had been listening to his fellow engineer colleague Larry intensely regarding the latter’s ghostly encounter at the car park of their electronic plant (Ghostly Incidents Part 2). His fiancée Sally had reminded him not to work too late into the night when it was time to go home. He did pay heed to the warning and the occurrence of the precedent incident for the first few days. Then one day he had a field day at work that taxed him to the core that he was unaware of the time passing so fast. ‘Oh, Goodness! It’s already 7.30pm! I must leave now.’ At the car park Bobby saw the trees around there swaying in unison to one direction with the wind blowing and howling menacingly, besides the darkness, the temperature had suddenly dropped. Bobby sensed that it was going to be a thunder storm and the sudden gush of weird wind could blow no one good. His nose picked up an awful stench as he ran towards his car. ‘Heck! Has something just died and rotting?’  Bobby started his car and left the factory premises immediately. 

The next day was a weekend Saturday; Bobby and his charming fiancée Sally left for his hometown Muar, Johore. They liked to spend their weekends and holidays there in the southern state of Johore, Peninsula Malaysia as it was more tranquil and peaceful to relax; besides, Bobby’s aged parents were still residing there. As Bobby steered his car into the ramp road to exit the highway towards the toll booths at Tangkak interchange, he reduced his speed cautiously to 80kmph, then 60kmph. Still it seemed too fast; the next moments Bobby and Sally were yelling in great shock of their life as the car spun over and over again, hitting the road railings many times until the force lost momentum to have the car came to a halt.

By the time the highway rescue team arrived in two 4Wheel-drive trucks, Bobby and Sally had already regained their composure after experiencing their most nerve-wrecking accident of their life. They remained in their seats as they were trapped in the vehicle until the rescue team released them with chained saw cutting and some delicate human assisted manoeuvre. Bobby’s car was a total wreck with its bumpers and body carved in due to the multiple impacts. It suffered an irrevocable, extensive damage and was beyond repair. As Bobby limped his way round his vehicle for a clear assessment of damage he lamented sorely that it was time to acquire a new car. The great relief to this unfortunate incident was that both Bobby and Sally were not severely injured except there were some bruises here and there on their bodies. Bobby suffered some pain at his left leg when the rescue team members were trying to free his foot from being stuck below the brake pedal. Other than that, they seemed to be okay. They however were sent to the district hospital for a medical check up in an ambulance summoned by the rescue team.

Drive carefully with an alert mind, keep a safe distance from other vehicles,
adhere to speed limits; these are the basic rules for safe driving.

In retrospect, Bobby related his sense of discomfort at the car-park of his plant to Sally and his colleague Larry. They all agreed that the accident on the way home was the result of the blowing the weird wind that blew no one good at his electronic plant’s car park.

Don’t come home! Drive the car to our temple right away!

A typical night market (Pasar Malam) of Malaysia

Narinder Singh heaved a sigh of relief as he rubbed his blurry eyes after completing a day’s work, after spending most time staring at the screen of his desktop’s monitor. “It’s tough earning a decent living!” he lamented half-jokingly as he stretched himself for a short rest. Narinder was a section engineer with an electronic plant situated outside Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. “Oh, it’s already 8pm!” He picked up his backpack and mobile phone instantly and left his office.

                   If you found yourself driving in an unfamiliar remote
                    road like this, you've every reason to worry.

As Narinder drove his way slowly out of the factory premises, he noticed that the guards at the security check area were staring at him, pointing at him and his back seat. He ignored them as he had gone through the customary check, having his car boot opened up for scrutiny. On the way back Narinder had to drive through a narrow road that led to his house in a small residential zone lined with night hawkers of all sorts at both sides of the road. “Damn it! It’s Thursday night, the dreadful pasar malam! (The night market)” He drove cautiously as there were scores of villagers and shoppers who randomly parked their cars and motorcycles anywhere they liked. Narinder felt slightly uncomfortable as he noticed that the pedestrians were all staring at him without showing expression like zombies, and most of them stretched out their hands to point at his car. Narinder raised his head to glance at his rear view mirror but there was not nothing disturbing enough to alarm him.


A short distance away, Narinder realized that he had lost his way; he could not find his way out of the residential roads and lanes to locate his home that he began to panic. He stopped the car and called his father Dr. Indeber Singh, a retired radiologist, for help. “Hey Pa, I can’t find the way home!” After listening to his son intensely to understand his predicament, the senior man asked:
“Don’t tell me you’ve lost your way in our housing area when you drive on these roads day in day out? Anyway you found anything strange around you?”
“Yes Papa, the guards at my factory and the villagers here all kept staring at me without expression and they pointed their fingers at my car as I drove by!”
“Oh no, my son, you’ve been targeted by some evil spirits, they are going to do harm on you! Now listen carefully: Don’t come home with those unholy kinds! Go meet me at our Silk Temple right away! By the way, can you drive out of our residential zone to the temple? Where’s your current location?” The senior Singh asked in quick succession.

A Sikh temple

Indeber Singh called on the high priest of the Sikh temple to chant prayer to bless his family for safety. The priest did most to emphasize on vicious spirit cleansing to rid any suspicious evil element that had plagued his son for the past one hour. Father and son returned home tired and exhausted but relieved. No one could come up with a clear, logical synopsis with regards to Narinder Singh’s encounter. One thing for sure, Indeber Singh stressed that had his son not called him but continued driving, he would be led into the garden path and in dire despair, he might not be able to come home.
Alan CY Kok

The stories I wrote about these haunting incidents were true occurrences that had happened for the past two years in a long established electronic plant situated at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The names of the persons involved had been changed to protect their identity for privacy. Hope you shall enjoy reading these posts:
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Ghostly Incidents Part 3 posted on 2nd May 2013

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