Friday, 24 May 2013

Great pictures of graceful birds, lovely animals and enticing natural scenes

Wow, it is a fantastic, breathtaking, panoramic view from here,  man! 
Wish you  were  here with me!
 Die-hard plants struggle to emerge from the hard-surfaced 
tarmac to get some sunlight and water.
Make sure it ain't a piranha you're kissing. 

Moving rock in the desert.

Well, you birds change colors the way you want it?
Dandelion plant blocks the dazzling sun ray, 
the process paints a wonderful art piece.
 Comfortably seated on elephant tusks. 
Now who is bathing who?
Love is all around.
In fact it's inscribed on my fore-head.
Trouble brewing ahead. Don't go driving straight into it. 
It's a mushroom-shaped intimidating tornado taking shape.
Pink colored stork's beak is clearly made for catching fish.
A very handsome looking stallion.
Was there a supersonic flying jet spiraled its way 
into the sky just now, not too far from here?
 Butterfly? I don't see no butterfly. Oh... you 
mean that transparent winged insect?
Mmm........that's what friends are for; 
a little nudge here will make my day. 

Yellowish golden colored bird has good time indulging in wet, 
cooling bath in a fresh mountain stream.
A great show-off Peacock.
Hey, why did you peek on me?
Pretty, cute little baby giraffe born....where's Mom? 
Santa Claus was here. 

You ever heard of Love Island?

Those are the Arctic lights that dance across the sky in the North Pole.
Fish or flies with large eyes? Fish, of course they are.

Devastating volcano eruption in action. 
Molten lava flowing downhill to form a red hot steaming river. 

Sigh....... a scene that's worth a lifetime's journey to witness.
But for Christ's sake, don't shake your body too much. 
Nuclear bomb testing took place? 
No, it's just fanciful cloud formation.
Flower petals that look like humans wearing Mexican sombreros 
Horse-riding cowboys go through cold valley ground 
in midst of uneven landscape in their journey that takes days to complete.
The trespassed cold ground looks like a bird with wings wide-stretched in flight.

Brave black bird got a piggy ride from a predator hawk.
                   Will it cause you some inconvenience when you're 
                    out shopping or going down town to visit friends?

Many thanks to Ron Lim of LA, USA for sharing.  

Alan CY Kok

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