Monday, 20 May 2013

Compassion shown towards the less fortunate people

                Wise man says: If you never learn the language of gratitude,
                      you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.

Here, you can have my slippers. Poor girl,
the hot road surface will inflict you with painful blisters.

A kind hearted lady sheltered one handicapped old man with her umbrella during a heavy down pour while he crossed the road sitting on a wheeled board trolley. It is heartening to know there are kind souls around.
During a public protest on a Brazilian city square, a general pleaded with the crowd: Please don't fight, not on my birthday. Then a group of protester presented him with a surprise gift........A birthday cake!  It's faith in humanity restored.

The fire fighting team found a disoriented, desolate and thirsty Koala bear.
  Thirst quenching rescue measure seemed to be the most urgent thing to do.  

A father and mother kissed their dying little girl goodbye. One will wonder why all the medic people are bowing? Well, in less than an
hour, two small children in the next room will be able to live; thanks to the little girl's kidney and liver.

Many thanks to Dorris Chan for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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