Friday, 3 May 2013

Photographers at work

This professional photographer is a great show-off, 
he is telling the world that he has some money.

Your fellow photographer is there to capture 
the scene when you lose the balance to fall.
This chap sure has guts to climb so high, 
just to take some pictures
One photographer deems himself too short and the one at the left
 thinks taking a shot at the ground level helps.
The photographer's camouflage as a hippo fails
 to get the kingfisher's attention.
But he captures the shots alright.
Have you really got to lie so low to capture the action shots?
Can't tell what the photographer's doing?
This picture sure has been doctored. Otherwise this man will have been dead by now. Just look: One hand and one leg cling to the rock for dear life, with the other hand holding the camera and he's wearing slippers!
The photographer may have slipped and fallen 
on the steps, or is he trying to get a better angle?
He better hurry, the city hall cops are coming!
 You have forgotten the memories of tragedies 
of those victims who perished in the recent tsunami. 
Mind your balance please. Besides, the fruit 
tree is also valuable to the farmer.
The photographer has been a gym enthusiast, 
otherwise he'll have hurt his back badly.
Don't forget, camera shots Vs machine gun fire power 
won't get you anywhere; graves maybe.
 You shoot, I shoot too!
Hey lady, that's no way to treat your kid that way, 
good pic taken ain't that matter. 


Alan CY Kok

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