Sunday, 5 May 2013

Why does Mom shout so much?

Crocodile hunter junior in the making.
Oh my! Mom will yell, wail, cry and shout! Stop that will you?
Wait till you're bigger and heavier,  you think you could defy gravity?
Wow! In a moment I will be famous!
Looking for grave trouble. Why couldn't parent keep 
these utensils away from the kids?
This is one way to fertilize the garden hedges.
Soft landing expected. But Dad got to spend 2 more hours to rake the leaves.
Hmmm............ interesting.
Hope you'll land well. Hope it's soft,  wet and muddy sand. 
But the weight of the bicycle.......
It's okay, Mom was not watching. But she snapped this picture!
Hot dog or hot frog?
Trouble coming big and devastating.
Mom will not be happy, but dad will be laughing!
You cheeky kid, learn to respect girls, will you!
Nice but uneven place to practice my drawing. 
Hunger strikes and this explains why I'm here.
Very funny!
Yummy! Don't you know your only diet is mother's milk?
Oh it hurts! stay away! You menacing dog! 
You kissed the pigs! Mom got to do some cleaning on you!
Mmm... what have we got here.
This is the best position to relax and to enjoy my milk.
Thank you for reading.

Many thanks to Lim Yau Chuan for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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