Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Further look on what Malaysians can do - Malaysia boleh!

Colored Angry Bird buns! You don't mind the coloring?
 Well protected in the event of a collision but
 what about the urn filled with ashes?
In the pursuit of baddies, the Police car
rammed into some fruit stalls.
$3,000 fine? It's okay, my daily earning can handle that.
Inconsiderate neighbour displaying various colored undies
 on the fence, much to the chagrin of the next-door.
Too sleepy to ride pillion. Now you can sleep.
At the next stop you'll be taking over.
The young Orang Utang got away with molestation charge.
 Much to the envy of the bystanding young man.
 Only if they national car manufacturer could
provide bigger boot space for this model.
No phone number exchanged. Don't speculate.
                         It's just cordial police-motorist interaction.
Chief Minister and the Songstress.
Oh boy! It's heavy! It's a new bike.
 No worry, the man is strong and he is used to heavy load.
 By all means, go ahead and press.

Sandwitch scam!
She exposed herself to grave danger.
She could have a nasty fall with oil spilling on her,
 or getting herself burnt at the inside of her legs.

Many thanks to Thomas Eapen for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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