Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Of cats and dogs

 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Wait! Where are the other three, 
I remember I have a litter of 10 puppies!
Now hear me, everyone has a place where he or she belongs; 
so stay where you are until meal time. 
Can you spot Toby the red furred spoil-sport?
Puppies napping like the Wheel of Fortune!
After our daily bath, master Bob will hang
 us up like drying his undies.
What a strong, wet slurp. I ain't your puppy, 
I'm a lost kitten looking for mummy cat. 
 I caught my first mouse!

 Tiny terror!
Nice to rest my chin on this thread ball.
Sleeping time. Anyway I can't see a thing to tell it's day or night!
I've got a great shelter, no one could bully me.
What are these fluffy things? Are they mice in disguise?
Puppies Rottweiler's owner should be cautious in closing the boot. 
Wow, you're the recently crowned swimming 
Pussy Cat Queen! Glad to know you.
Poor little puppy, just a few days old, 
is going to be eaten alive as hot dog!
You believe me?

Say, you okay?
The reply:
What's up Doc?

Many thanks to Dorris for sharing
Alan CY Kok

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