Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Old pictures of famous people


                                      Young Bill Clinton with his saxophone.

Bill and Hilary Clinton on their wedding day.
Hilary in high school, sitting on the floor in the front of the photo.
             John D. Rockefeller giving charity on his 84th birthday.
Young Barrack Obama having fun with
his granddad on the beach.
Barrack Obama with his mother
A young John Lennon making himself some tea

James Dean as a young boy
                      At age 18, young James Dean making faces at the camera.
Albert Einstein visited a native American home of the Hopi Tribe. 
Albert Einstein at the beach, 1939.
A self-portrait of artist Usher.
Elvis Presley yawning in the dressing room
Elvis's last vacation, Hawaii, 1977.
Siblings Janet and Michael Jackson as kids.
Winston Churchill examing a Tommy gun.
Marlon Brando showing a cat some love.
Marilyn Monroe performing acrobatics on the beach.
Sean Connely, fourth on the left, won 3rd place
 in the Mr. Universe competition.
Pablo Picasso dressed as Popeye the sailorman
                   John and Jackie Kennedy in a photo booth, 1953.

                                  John Lennon, the man and the glasses.
John Wayne took a vacation in the 1940s.
Fidel Castro slides on the snow while visiting Moscow.
                     The American Gothic painting by Grant Wood in 1930,
                        next to the couple who served as the models for it.   
Helen Keller met Charlie Choplin
Charlie Choplin, without his famous moustache, 1916.
Albert Einstein, as a (problematic) child.
Tolstoy at age 20.
Winston Churchill wearing the kind of
bathing suit they used to wear at that time
Marilyn Monroe in a rare picture as a brunnette.
Nelson Mandela wearing authentic tribal clothes.

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing

Alan CY Kok

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