Monday, 3 June 2013

Some weirdo Japanese

Some hedonistic, exhibitionist Japanese are all out to impress their countrymen and women during their weekends and holidays, or whenever they find time suitable to let loose their hair so as to have great time. Well, it sure is alright to immerse oneself in times of festive seasons and public functions, just like the revelers having their fun on the streets of Kanagawa Prefecture during their weekend outings where street performers thrive. The Tokyo metropolitan has been kind to allow them to show off their skill (like in Musical instruments) or fares provided they apply for a licence.They need to    under go a process of screening too. But many of them are just out of this world with their grotesque make-up and dressing, and weird behavior. Most of their rhetoric are just simply hilarious and outrageous. Take a good look for your own self and laugh to your heart's delight:

Nursing zombies go rampaging the streets! 
Got to run for your life.
Thank Goodness that I will never get to bump
into this Zombie in my lifetime
This young girl is over doing things in 
showing her love for her pussy cat.
This is so meaningless! (1)
Eating live squid! Anyone wants to 
share with us this delicacy?
The old man is enjoying himself by 
sliding over the ladies' body anatomy. 
This is so meaningless! (2)
Mmmmm.........what to eat for my lunch 
before I go for the grand parade?
Young aspiring musicians are allowed to perform around the compound of 
Tomin Hiroba (Citizen's Plaza) near the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, as well as crowd pulling areas of Marunouchi, Yoyogi and Ueno Park. 

Speeding could be fun, but life threatening stunts will kill!
It seems that the heat in the engine compartment won't 
hurt his butt. That's queer alright.

 Sumo wrestlers found themselves at unusual arena
 to sweat it out. Perhaps they volunteer 
for the job. Great spirit!
What a waste of Santori Red Wine!
This pint-sized pink lady motorcycle rider sure attracts onlookers' glances. 
This is not a real human head for which 
they are trying to detach from the torso.
Japanese restaurants and guest houses are 
not built to conform to Westerners's physique. 


Wasteful, silly fun you have!
Hi, how're you doing? Where are you heading?
Aliens with gigantic single eyes walk on 
Tokyo streets! And they wear suits!

Some street performers.

The Youtube video clip below shows how a Sunday Japanese street performance scene goes with the mainly youngsters showing off their best in dancing and singing, in Tokyo's famous Yoyogi Park. Lots of Hip-Hop wannabes are trying their best to gain attention. 

Photos obtained from a Chinese daily newsprint.
Alan CY Kok

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