Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Unusual pictures you don't see often

Largest cabbage ever harvested!
Come, be a good sport, don't shit on my head
 while I take this shot.
It's not fire-works; it's lightnings
striking the sea water surface.
Ever heard of green elephants?
Air-borne wind surfing sailboard landing onto sea surface.
Flat-bottomed barge ferries mega tons
of rubbish to foreign shore.
It's okay, the truck isn't overloaded but the size
of the goods it carries is enormous.
 Oh my! You sure are comfortable working at this height?
Large bright amber-colored moon appears from the
back of the snowy mountain. A rare sight.
Ah......the warmth of the car engine emits is so comforting. 
Are the camels tattooed?
You can get such XXXXXXXX large sized clothings from
MBK Shopping Mall (Mah Boon Kong), Bangkok, Thailand. 
These elongated oval-shaped trees are found in
Madagascar Island, East of African Continent. 
Wait for me John, here I come!
Caging the sun going down.
Many thanks to Lim Yau Chuan for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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