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Winners of "Deep Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition 2013"

The prestigious DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition is part of a unique series hosted by DivePhotoGuide & Wetpixel, in association with Deep Indonesia, Indonesia's first and premier diving, adventure travel and extreme sports expo. Undersea photo-enthusiasts could choose their own favorite sites all over the world for their quest for the coveted competition.  They competed in seven themed categories to win over US$40,000 in prizes, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 

Winners'works were published by host Deep Indonesia's media partners worldwide and exhibited during the Deep Indonesia Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia in April 2013. As with all UnderwaterCompetition.com events, 15% of entry proceeds would be donated to marine conservation efforts. The event had been an vigorous and dynamic effort by Indonesian tourism ministry. 

Sam Cahir risked his life to take this winning 
shot of a large grey shark coming his way. 
Location: Australia
First prize winner Hamid Rad took this splendid
 photo under water at Raja Ampat, Papua New Guinea.
Tadpoles swim leisurely in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.
Manta Rays were captured in lens together with 
one diver by Hamid Rad's undersea expedition, near PNG.
Undersea torrent whirlpool created by abrupt direction switch
 of a school of fishes as the lone diver was working 
on the seabed of Cabo, New Mexico. 
A Philippine model swimmer get along fine with 
a large Whale Shark undersea. 

A sunken ship off the coast of Israel provides a natural sanctuary 
for these marine living things - including this colorful Sea Horse.
Surfers falling off from their surfing boards  into the 
clear sea water at New South Wales, Australia.
Spanish diver-undersea photographer Francis Perez 
took this picture showing a diver approaching the
basaltic columns at the seabed off Tenerife Isle.
American Todd Bretl captured this endearing picture undersea,
 recording the smile of the friendly dolphin 
which swam past him, at Bahamas. 
Leena Roy shot this picture depicting the effect
 of breaking wave hitting the coral reef at Red Sea.  
She won the silver medal. 
Big-eyed little fish resting on long tentacle
 of a squid - it would be eaten soon. 
Cayman Island - A large predator fish looking for meals 
was surrounded by thousand of its potential preys. 
Three divers enter the undersea cave with their head-lights turned 
on respectively. Photo taken by Gianni Pecchiar of Italy; 
he named the picture "Cathedral Premuda". 
Location: Premuda Island of Croatia.
Mark Van Coller took a rare picture of  sea birds 
diving into water for their meal. 
Title: Feast for all. Location: Port St. Johns.
Left: Three pelicans have their beaks entangled as they targeted the same object for food. 
Right: Hundreds if not thousands of small fishes swam above corals. David Henshaw of Spain took this shot at Nuweiba, Egypt. 
A fierce looking Barracuda leads its school 
of fish swimming in the darkness. 
Anders Salesjo of Sweden presented "Shark Fetus" in the 
competition and won a Gold Medal in this category. 
Location: Hirtshals, Denmark. 
Lazaro Ruda of the US took this lucid picture of two sea-horses
 mating which was aptly titled "Lovers' embrace"
Location: Singer Island, Florida.
Manuel Silva of Portugal shot this picture of a 
"Guitar Shark" (He named it) close to the water surface
 where it cast an inverse image at St. Tome, Africa.
One color-changing octopus and one solitary sea-horse in 
silhouette with sunlight permeated through the sea water. 
"Sharks Highway" by Scott Portelli of Australia.
Location: The Bahamas.
"Skydiving Sea-lion". The enchanting picture was taken
 by Alex Tattersall at Los Isolotes, La Paz, Mexico. 
Nuno Sa of Portugal shot this intimidating picture 
of a fearsome shark at Azores-Faial Island. 
He named the picture: Split Blue
Left picture with Title: Into the sun by Cornelia Thieme. 
Location: West Papua
Right: Short-tailed Octopus living in the deep abyss of the ocean.
"Bobtail Embrace" taken by Mathew Tworkowski of  Australia.
Location: Rye, Australia. 
A red colored deep sea fish caught a shrimp in its mouth, 
devouring it with its strong jaw. 
Gianni Pecchiar of Italy took the under water picture 
of 3 beams of sunlight  ray in the water way of 
Kamenjak Pula, Croatia. 
This underwater photo seems to have
 nothing to do with marine life. 
Left: The silhouetted body outline of diver Natalia Avseenko 
was captured in an underwater cave.
Right: A small octopus was filmed in the sea of Bali Island.

The splendid display of marine pictures presented here 
were obtained from a Chinese News Media. 

Alan CY Kok

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