Thursday, 29 August 2013

Old Irons


Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

Laughter is the best medicine

Now I have got you cornered-you wrong doer!
You'll be there till end of the day.
Bar facility for men too lazy to go to toilet.

Good poo training, my dear doggie!
You rascals! Dare to bully older lady!
Come fight with me like a man!
I am not scared of you! Let's fight it out!
But looks like the cat has a better edge.

 Cruel prank, Captain Hook! You should be fed to crocodiles!
The man driver had been fore-warned when a woman in a car from the opposite direction shouted "Watch out, Donkey!" The man returned with an unsavoury remark: "Bitch!" And after few corners, this was what he got.
A hearty meal - fancy the puppies know where to
 suckle milk when they have not opened their eyes.
We couldn't move our bodies, so long the baby is sleeping.
Sleeping dog seems to be an exhibitionist; but he doesn't care.
Let sleep doggie lie.
Bad manners! The sickening pest deserves to be kicked or swatted.
Flintstone's family transport surfaced in year 2013.
YabaYaba Doo......
 Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Potter received their
 university final examination results.

This kitten is absolutely cuddly!
Mmmm....this is interesting. Never mind
that she's not paying attention.

The cat terrorist suicide bomber
To avoid seeing double........
 Petroleum fuel price going up!
but I'll enlist the service of a bigger
sized hog from my farm the next time.
I am concerned about the passengers' feeling.
Somehow the plane looks like a sea-gull taking off or landing.
Holy cow! It's His Eminence Rev. Father Mr Bean!
It's known as bum-pole to help the lady to maintain
her balance while the train is in motion.

The choice of preference and priority
Sinkable rubber floats?
How to use them to save life?
You'll never know how much I have suffered.......
A toothy smile that reveals what it's
trying to hoard. Corns, what else?
Quick Mom, I am going to get stung!
There are some similarities alright.
 Why? Expecting vibration and speeding thrill whilst in the loo?
Oh yes, the toilet is built on an earthquake zone.
Talk about prejudice and injustice.
No comment on these living zombies.
The tree will bend for you so you won't crash into it.
Give tit for tat.
Laughing jackass that is!

Pictures, cartoons and graphics are obtained from
a Chinese online media news print.
Alan CY Kok