Monday, 12 August 2013

Pets and animals in human life and vice versa

I want a  little bit more of that syrup!
A feast for the huskies. The owner is more excited.
Running out of hands, so we
engage this temporary helper.
Got it, did you? That's the big brown
 wolf who took my partner away.
It's anti-clockwise to loosen the bulb,
                                  don't make mistake. Do it carefully.
Having one feline lab assistant could be a burden instead.
Sad parting? no, it isn't. Just some comfort
from one another before a race.
For Christ's sake, put on some clothes will you?
The rest are so well-dressed.
The meerkat family photo for the album.
Hi, Have We met before?
Do you need anything?
Kid and the snake..... now you're lying on top of its stomach,
when it is hungry, you may end up inside.
This reminds me of Tom Sawyer's adventures
with Huckleberry Finn as written
 in Mark Twain's famous novel.
Ah, so relieving, quenching the desperate Koala Bear's thirst
 in time. The poor thing suffered in a wild forest fire.
The puppies are so happy on an outing with their mom.
The patient won't be willing to have his cavities fixed
without his faithful dog's company.
The homeless person has a faithful doggie
as his trusted companion.
Oh my, such a lovely baby owl!
Feeding time is the best time.
How you doing today, mate?
Have a kiss and your day will be fine.

                                      The exhausted rescue team member stole a
                                           minute of nap while his dog kept watch.
Boy that's huge! The dog I mean......
I am afraid that the whole swing will tumble down.
Mmmm that's fun. Let's stare at each other for another minute.
Quick, let's shoo the ducklings to their mother. She's waiting.
Caught in the act - the wig's stealer.
Mother and child reunion.
Nicely do it. It'll be your turn soon.
Talking about cold! It's really freezing outside.
Oh my! Are you wearing half a mask?
On the left or the right side of your face?
Monumental task to rescue a little kitten.
You need a jumbo to do the job?
He fed the chipmunk in order to hypnotise it. 
Yeah, that's where we'll be playing
when we're a little bit older.
The cockerel leads the way proudly,
followed by its hens.

Many thanks to Ron Lim of LA for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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