Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Really funny pictures and graphics with some enlightening ones

Here we have a serene, natural,
lake scene to begin with........

Brave sweet-looking lone-backpacker traveller from Spain trekked
through the ragged terrain of Afghanistan.
Hope she's well and safe during and after her journey.
Big brown bear needed to be tranquilised before
it fell onto the soft cushion of the mattress below.
Japan had been wagging war in Northern China and dreamt of conquering distant S.E.A.
nations since 1938, for their needs of natural resources. Before the war fires began in Indonesian soil, the Japanese regime had sent spies in the guises of businessmen and traders to the impoverished country to carry out their sinister espionage activities. Seen here were two of the visitors in midst of a belle of pretty young Balinese  ladies. They were accompanied by a local guide. It would be a great memory as a photo-shot documented their journey.
Let's go into water in unison!
Giraffes in passionate embrace in a mating ritual.
This isn't a new born Mutant Ninja Turtle
but is a mutant alright. But what is it?
This doubled-headed mutant piglet survived comfortably at a Iowa farm.
It was later sold to a LA animal shelter. 
It weight a hefty 150 lbs when matured.
Double headed mutant piglet? I don't believe a shit!
This beagle doggie is aptly named Dick.
Followers of a Chinese temple were surprised to
see a dove bowed its head to a painting of the
Lord Buddha, in a praying pose.
The "Fat Boy" atomic bomb was one of the two weapons of mass destruction
 that annihilated  the Japanese military regime and destroyed Hiroshima
and Nagasaki in August 6th and 9th of 1945. It was a lesson well learnt for
the expansionist Japanese militants. Unfortunately some of the
modern day right winged Japanese politicians  are steadfastly
unrepentant for their past war crimes.

BN's offer of financial assistance to the electorate 
was just plain cow shit - claimed the Opposition.

She relieved herself at an open air made shift toilet at
Sungei Citarum, Indonesia.
The launch of Malaysia's first national car project in
July 9th 1985 based on the Mitsubishi Lancer '83 Model.

Countries that transported their troops
for a distant haul of operation.

Chinese media print put up a funeral ritual in
memory of Osama Bin Laden in jest.
Briefly translated: In perpetual memory of Comrade Laden
Resisting the American's military might,
You shall remain in our heart for 10 thousand years!
What are you doing in the middle of Abbot's summon?
I can't help it -  I've just farted!
One sporting couple.
Sporting Mom keeps herself healthy and fit by cycling
 and is able to breast feed her infant child at the same time.
Now we know the reason why Alexandra 
The Great decided to invade India.
Oh My! He landed hard with his head penetrated
into the ground from the  rooftop
 of the banking building.
Brave and quick action police dog.
Breast feeding that disrupts traffic flow.
Unique breast-shaped melons of Vietnam.

One newly married couple.
The bride was radiantly exalted.
Gargantuan sized crocodile caught and
killed in an African village.
Waiting to see the doctor in Thailand. Since no number is given out,
their foot wears will do the queuing for the owners.
 They are a civil-minded lot.

Name tag for an arrogant, self-centred big-headed bigot.
Super mini air craft carrier -
wonder which country owns it?
This is unmistakably American!
You sure that craft could fly?

Take that, you dare to take advantage of me
while feigning deep stupor in sleep.
This wheels of life is invented for emergency.
This cat artist has an enormous ego and
a complex that's not hard to understand.
Pretty and  demure anime girl to say Good Bye
to you at the end of this post.
And a friendly clown who wants to make friends with you.
What so funny?
It's all serious stuff.

Alan CY Kok

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