Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Some Walmartians and their dress ethics

Ok, hang on there steady, will you? Mom's rear is
perfect for you to get a good footing.

Don't get upset with her. She lost her pants
playing strip poker on aisle 13.
This person ostentatiously shows off his tattoos
on his chest. Wait till you see his rear!
It must be raining outside the mart.
Moe Howard's redheaded step-child with a sexy tattoo on her chest!
 I can only hope so..........
She sat on her probation papers before the ink was dry.
No matter how much my knee hurts in the future,
I will never ride one of these carts again.
If Donald Trump and Rick Flair had
a baby, this is what it would look like.
But it is more likely that he is a
cross of Liberace and Elvis.
I sure hope those are his Speedos and not his underwear. 
On the other hand WalMart people are so carefree.
They dress anyway they like. 
Now available at WalMart - The all new
Samsung OMG Crack Phone.
It's corrective orthopaedic clothing, dressed
to arrest her hunchback problem. 
Is that a lighter in his shorts or is
he just happy to be at WalMart?
This guy isn't aware that his toupee has dropped off.

Many thanks to Ron Lim of LA, US.

Alan CY Kok

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