Monday, 2 September 2013

North Korea under Kim Jong-Un

                     Now that my father is dead, I am in charge, you hear me?
                       This is my authority card as the supreme commander!

Kim Jong-Un and his wife Lee Sol-Ju

Caricature of Kim Jong-Un - he is not so popular internationally; he is rather notorious.

Caricature no. 2

Caricature no.3 or rather a doctored picture of Kim
that portrayed him as a look-alike of Boy George, and a gay comrade.
It was reported that Kim order the men in his totalitarian state to follow his hair
style. To be fair his hair-style looks like a bird nest and it's really awful. Anyway in the early days, Mao Tse Dong of China also spotted with this kind of hair-style. In the 1960s, no one dared to criticize the dictator old fool, who was responsible for tens of millions of deaths in impoverished China.
Is that pig destined to be eaten? Sorry Sir,
that's your reflection in the mirror.
Heartless Kim Jong-Un ordered the execution of his former lover
 Hyon Song-Wal by machine gun firing squad in August 2013.
Her family was forced to witness her execution.
No normal person would do that to his ex-beau.
Then again, the despotic Kim is not a normal person,
 he is a tyrannical pervert.

In 1948 the North Korean state called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) was proclaimed under the leadership of Kim Il-sung, who ruled the country under harsh Stalinist  communism for 45 years under the flagstaff of Workers' Party of Korea till the death of Kim in 1994. Kim Jong-Il, the dictator son took over the helm with an equally draconian style of regime and ruled the desolate country for 17 years till his passing in December 2011. The legacy of the Kim Family dynasty was passed on to Kim Jong-Un (born 1983/1984-not too certain) to continue their unfathomable doctrine of oppressing the life of its people. Kim Jong-Un was reported in an August 2013 South Korean news paper to have ordered the execution of his former lover Hyon Song-Wol together with 11 others by machine-gun firing squad. The charge was violating domestic law on pornography. Families and relatives of the condemned prisoners   and Hyon's orchestral members were forced to watch the executions. Some of the orchestral musicians were detained for possessing bibles in their belonging and were incarcerated as political dissidents.
Since hoodlum Kim Jong-Un's taking over as the supreme head of DPRK after his father's death, the erratic head of North Korea had on few occasions stressed that there would be drastic change for his damned nation in 2013 (though so far there had been confrontations and animosity stances with its neighbour only). Technically the two feuding Koreas are still at war with each other as there was no treaty signed at the end of the Korean War (1950-1953). To clear the dubious misconception of his image, Kim Jong-Un permitted the request of visits of foreign press and private photo-journalists to North Korea. The photographers carried out their chores under the watchful eyes of DPRK government officials; they were constantly harassed, interrupted, intervened and even reprimanded during the course of their filming and photo-shooting. The theme and their activities of their mission were very restricted and restrained. Still the photographers managed to capture many rare moments of happenings during their stay in North Korea. Here are some of the brilliantly produced pictures churned out for sharing with the rest of the world.
December 15th 2012 North Korean little girls were dancing on
stage in a kindergarten school, near a border town with China.
December 14th 2012, a portrait of deceased national
leader Kim Il-Sung was lit up in the dusk hours. 
January 1st 2013 in Pyongyang, North Korean revellers
used their mobile phones to capture the firework
displays as they ushered the New Year. 
December 31st 2012 North Koreans played with balloons as they celebrated the arrival of the new year. However their calendar year commenced with the birth year of party founder Kim Il-Sung.
April 8th 2012 North of Pyongyang -
a boy ran atop of a barren country hill. 
December 15th 2012 at a school of a north-eastern  border town, a kindergarten school teacher walked down the stairs gracefully in her traditional dress.  
April 8th 2012, at the Dong-Chang province Sohae satellite launching site, a solitary soldier was seen guarding the National Unha-3 rocket.
December 12th 2012 national leader Kim Jong-Un cast a lone figure
as he sat a table in the Unha-3 launching station, smoking and pondering about
the country's ambitious yet unrealistic satellite projects.
December 12th 2012 North Korea officially released
 this picture showing their scientists at work,
preparing to launch their Unha-3 space probing rocket.
December 12th 2012 the official press of North Korea Chau Zhong released pictures of the successful launching  of the Unha-3 rocket which carried the telecommunication satellite 'Bright Star' into outer space. It was reported that Kim Jong-Un ordered more launching of satellite carrying rockets afterwards.
September 23rd 2012 North Korean farmer woman O Yong-Ae sat on the floor in her home  at  Migok co-operative farm, North of the country, accepting interview. The current co-operative policy demands that farmers must surrender higher percentage of the yield of their productions to the country. Working towards the targets of achieving higher yields, the country leaders hope to obtain enough grains to feed its hungry 24million population. Meanwhile the farmers prefer to keep a larger percentage of their productions to themselves as they hardly could feed themselves. The poor peasant seemed to have nothing much in her impoverish home, and was seen to be freezing with little clothing in the cold northern zone.
November 20th 2012 Near the September Hills, North Korean kids
 packed dried paddy stalks on their back before going home.
September 22nd 2012 In Pyongyang a bus commuter peeked out
from the run-down bus he was travelling in.
September 9th 2012 In Pyongyang members of an Alirang
troupe help play cards to form large portraits
 of the past and present national leaders.  
August 8th 2012 Members of the Alirang troupe
displayed a large poster signified a pistol
 at the inspecting grandstand.
December 20th 2012 In a restaurant of Pyongyang, the female bartender served beers to a waiting customer - Take it! And don't forget to pay!  She wasn't very willing to serve guests from foreign capitalist nations. Kim Jong-Un ordered the re-opening and refurbishing of an old restaurant built at the bank of Da Dong Jiang River. It serves beers, cocktails, champagne, coffee and fast food.
December 20th 2012 Military officials chatted at the Pyongyang sports complex while arranging and waiting for marching orders. "When our national leader Jong-Un opens his mouth to speak, I want all of you to remain focussed and shut-up. "
December 20th 2012 At the De-military zone of Northern part of Seoul at the Di Yuan Province, South Korean arm forces inspected the border barricades for possible infiltration of DPRK military personnel in the dearth of the night. After the successful launching of the space rocket carrying satellite one week before, Kim Jong-Un vowed to develop more long range missiles and rockets.
August 11th 2012 A truck broke down in the middle of the road in DPRK's Sien Hing Town. Surprisingly it ran on burning wood as power source.
November 19th 2012 A 105-storey  high hotel was being
built in the middle of residential zone of Pyongyang.
July 25th 2012 Kim Jong-Un and his wife Lee Sol-Ju was seen in an initiation ceremony to declare open a theme park near Da Dong Jiang River on Lin-Yuan Island. It boasts of an aquarium of dolphins, bird park, and a mini-sized golf course.
November 18th 2012 At Pyongyang Civilian's Park, North Korean workers placed mini-sized models of military tanks on the pavements. One of them carried a national flag of DPRK. The park was opened to the public after 3 years of construction in September 2012.
July 26th 2012 DPRK leader Kim Jong-Un  enjoyed
himself at the Lin-Yuan Island Theme Park
accompanied by his party officials.
December 15th 2012 At the North-East Korean small township of Xin-Yi, a game attendant  of an amusement park awaited customers to show up in cold weather. 
December 17th 2012 A lone traffic warden stood guard
 at the road side  where posters of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il
 were hung and visible from a distance.
September 20th 2012 Students at Pyongyang's Integrated Industrial
 University  attended to their lessons under the
 watchful eyes of their deceased leaders.
August 24th 2012 Kim Jong-Un visited a subsidiary company of the revolutionary Kamnamu (Fruit Tree) of North Korea's 4302 army regiment. It was not often to meet the national leader face to face. Kim Jong-Un was given star status welcome by sobbing, excited women cadets. He was too glad to be in the company of ladies anyway. 
In an undated picture Kim Jong-Un was seen huddled
 by a group of early secondary students.
The mainly girls were moved to tears to meet
 face to face with their national leader.
Another undated picture showed Kim Jong-Un and
his wife in this group picture taken with
  a class of school girls and few boys.
Pictures were obtained from a news media press of China.
Stories were written and the captions translated by Alan Kok

Alan CY Kok



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