Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mutant beings

Chinese newsprint published some pictures and graphics of mutated crossed bred species of half animals and humans. Of course they were products of mischievous imagination of the graphic designers. So long you don't take it too seriously, it could be amusing just to know how they conjectured the ideas.
One of the retired actresses of Planet of the Apes.
Oh My!
Their bites are worse that that of Piranhas'.
Two-headed piglet held up by lady for photo-shot.
Guess it can't live long and guess this is a real one.
Is that a mutant pig or what? Nobody knows!
Next we have a double - headed dear. Oh Dear!
But guess this is not a fake.
One single eye baby Cyborg and that's frightening enough!
Hairless bald chicken? with multiple legs?
It can't be real!
Ha, this is a joke! However,
the Bulldog is a reluctant player.

Alan CY Kok

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