Sunday, 13 October 2013

Vegetable markets of Israel


What an awesome, colourful sight to behold -  the vegetable markets of Israel! The dedicatedly arranged display of the various fruits and vegetable captivated the hearts of customers and passers by, few could afford to ignore the wonderful sight to walk away without patronising.
Malaysia has been paranoid about the existence of Israel under the country's administration's desperate call for non-allegiance to Israel (Like a frog in a well) - all for the cause of Palestine's survival. The nation's flat refusal to accept Israel as one mighty country with a glorious past - it is one of the earliest civilisation of human activities in the world. So far the country had been producing the most numbers of Nobel prize laureates since 1901 - 173 of them, and 20 more were people of half or three quarters Jewish ancestry! The Jews (Israelis) had been recipients of all 6 categories of Nobel Prize. The Jewish/Israeli people comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population.
While the world's intelligent populace pay respect and admiration to Israel, Malaysia is one self-centred nation that disallow its own citizens to visit Israel though many of Malaysians are Christians. The nation's alleged alliance and emulation to Arabian culture is understandable as it is the land of Mohamed the prophet, where Islamic teaching first originated.  But so far the Middle-Eastern region could only churn out Nobel Prize laureates of Peace, when it is continuously plagued with bomb blasts, suicide terrorist-attacks, murders and kidnappings,  skirmishes and wars of all scales. How could a small, insignificant nation like Malaysia could afford to ignore the influence, importance and the intelligence of the Jews asserted on the rest of the world since the birth of Jesus Christ?

Many thanks to Martin Wong for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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