Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Poseidon Undersea Resorts of Fiji

You need to spend US$30,000 for a week's stay for two in Fiji's extraordinary underwater hotel. It is sited on one private island of Poseidon in Fiji. It is the world's first undersea 6-star hotel.
This is the first hotel that is completely underwater, at a depth of 12-40 feet under the waves, in a crystal clear lagoon that offers guests a breath-taking view of coral reefs and the fish that live around them.
70% of the room is made up of Plexiglas,
allowing total immersion in the
underwater environment.
You tend to feel like living in a most luxurious aquarium
while the fish swim free and watching you!
How is the reversed feeling?
Each suite is carefully designed to be
totally modular for safety.
The hotel boasts to have 25 guest suites
and anything else a hotel offers.
Dining in incredible style and ambience -
lots of seafood I guess.
A spectacular view. However the guest could
 use "virtual drapes" to darken the glass.

What else? Well, there is a restaurant, bar, gym,
 and even an underwater chapel;
all within a very unique setting.
Looking up while resting - it's such a rare experience.
A stylish lounge to enjoy a drink.
The library offers a great place to read while
one could relax the tired eyes
just glancing at the fish.
Guesst will have access to 4 submarines
to take them round the lagoon.
The resort claims that the hotel and its suites are built based on the designs of personal submarines; it is conforming to the world's strictest and safest standard of rules in transportation.
The hotel will be accessible to the guests through a special elevator which will take them down from the beach.
Few more amenities in the planning board:
Getting out of the water, visitors will find a spa,
tennis courts and a 9-hole golf resort await them.

Many thanks to Lim YC for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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