Friday, 8 November 2013

Malaysia "Boleh" specials

You did not tell me you're taking me on motorbike for
rounding; I thought you drive a Benz or a BMW.
Now people are looking at my ass
and my platform shoes.
All 'goreng' (fried) items. What are they?
I rest my case to save my comment.
Malaysian citizens hope to rely on these lady crime busters to nab baddies.
They are armed to the teeth with machine guns and bullet-prove vests.
Perhaps they could help to catch those bullies, and
 reduce gangsterism in schools.
Accidents are all so common in Malaysia;
except this van goes airborne, resting its
4 wheels  on a car and a lamp pole support.
The foreign worker who manned the toilet is tired and sleepy.
He is insensitive and nonchalant about what's going on.
The notice on the table says: No water.
Can piss, cannot shit.
(Bad command of Malay language written)
Respected Muslim spiritual leader Nik Aziz
leads a simple life, eating the common
 "nasi lemah" for breakfast.
So long you follow the double lines to drive along,
you will be safe. It's a one way street;
so if a truck comes from the opposite direction,
you ask the driver to back off!
Board meeting for cats in progress,
at the motorcycle park.
An elongated umbrella canopy for the motorcyclist.
Ingenious idea, man!
A stool for men, that's certain! It's design is
meant to take care of men's welfare.
That's the way I like it - what are you staring at?
Though he believes in fundamental Islamic faith,
he also relies on modern transport and machine
to mow the turf. Wise guy! save time, save energy.
The police department is not going to like him anyway...........

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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