Saturday, 16 November 2013

Snap shots of little beings

Howdy, Mom? Fine weather you know!

                              We are all so forlorn looking 'cos we
                             just wake up and mummy is nowhere
                                   to be seen, and we're hungry.

Can you spot the praying mantis? 

How do I look, after make-up? Real awful!
Hey, sweet little thing, want to follow me home?
I'm lying down on all 4;
I'm dogged-tired.
Poor white dog is blind.
Before and after election- two faces
of an elected political candidate.
Before and after trimming.

Damn those fire-cracker burnings!
It's deafening, I can't take it anymore!
This China farmer feeds 140 dogs-all small sized-sheep dogs....
the report maybe true but the picture may have been doctored.
Rain, snow or shine -  The dog awaits
 the return of his master.
Is this the legendary flying horse of the sky,
 or just a dog in disguise?
One adorable new born puppy.

The dog paid visit to its master's grave every day since 2006,
according to the care-taker of the graveyard.
Faithful dog refused to leave master's
grave after the funeral.
Meaningless attempt to dress up like a mini-sized tiger. 
The doggie is doing his part to get
the car out of distress.
Desolate doggie finds comfort in
the company of furry cat.
We are sorry, we broke something!
I broke the original clay fortune cat 财神貓 and
 now master punishes me to be
here to act like one.
Dog family in Muslim attire - the purdah.
 Lone cat inspects K-9 Canine Team;
but it does not seem to be so interested.
                                   One of them is not a dog.
My! These foxes are so docile, not fearing the humans.
Some of them are even smiling!
                  So long you keep your eyes on these huggable rabbits.
                   These rabbits are free to move about in Okunashima,
                                         near Hiroshima, Japan.
Big-headed me. Real awfully heavy,
I don't like it!
It's a Pug dog's life.
 I'm born this way,
so let it be.
The King Cat next door took over my kennel.......
now who am I to complain to?
No one will dare to bully me, ever since
my master equipped me with two more heads.
Oh lonesome me. Wonder what my other panda
buddies are doing at the sanctuary?
Is there an etiquette order to determine
how dogs and puppies sit?
A mutant poodle with a beak like a duck's?
Make up your mind, what it is?
Your jokes are not at all funny!
Hey you! I've been very patient with you! After your taking pictures with my kids, are you going to take mine too?
Nice co-ordination. Monkey ridding little wild boar.
Never believe too much of  Walt Disney's
fables regarding animal harmony.
How about this one? (The lion is just a cub, wait till it's grown up)
Meanwhile the poor lemur has not choice
but stayed snug with the cuddle.
It's minus 10 degree Celsius.  Fortunately spring season is near. 

                                                        For reading!

Alan CY Kok

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