Friday, 17 January 2014

Historical photos in black and white presented by

Woman with a gas resistant pram, England 1938.
Unpacking the Statue of Liberty, 1885
Elvis in the army 1958
Animals being used as part of medical therapy 1956
Test of new bullet proof vests 1923
Charlie Chaplin at 27, 1916
Hindenburg disaster May 6th 1937 
Circus hippo pulling a cart 1924
Annette Kellerman promoted women's right to 
wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907. 
She was arrested for indecency
Annie Edison Taylor, the first person to survive 
going over Niagara Falls in a barrel 1907.
106-year-old Armenian woman guarded her home 1960.
Baby cages used to ensure that children 
get enough sunlight and fresh air when 
living in an apartment building, ca. 1937.
The original Ronald McDonald 1963.
Disney employee Cafeteria in 1961.
Advertisement for Atabrine, anti-Malaria drug, in Papua,
New Guinea during WWII.
Soldier shares a banana with a goat 
during the Battle of Saipan, ca. 1944
Little girl with her doll sitting at the ruins 
of her bombed home in London 1940.
Construction of the Berlin Wall 1961.
Unknown soldier in the Vietnam War 1965
Bookstore at London ruined in an air-raid 1940
Walter Yeo, one of the first to undergo 
an advanced plastic surgery and 
a skin transplant, 1917.
Suntan vending machine 1949.
Measuring bathing suits. 
If they were too short, 
the ladies would be fined in the 1920s.
Martin Luther King removed a burnt cross in his front yard with his son 1960.
Hotel owner pouring acid in the pool while
 black people swam in it, ca. 1964.
Life guard at the coast, 1920s.
Artificial legs, UK, ca. 1890.
Mom and son watching the mushroom 
cloud after an atomic test, Las Vegas, 1953.
Mother hid her face in shame as she put her 
children up for sale, Chicago, 1948. 
Austrian boy received new shoes during WWII. 
Hitler's officers and cadets celebrating Christmas,1941.
Christmas dinner during the Great Depression, 
turnips and cabbage, 1930. 
The real Winnie the Pooh, and Christopher Robin, ca. 1927. 
Last prisoners leaving Alcatraz, 1963
Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire 
at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in London 1930.
A space chimp posing to camera after a 
successful mission to space, 1961.
Illegal alcohol being poured out 
during Prohibition in Detroit,1929. 
Princeton students after a freshmen vs Sophomores 
snowball fight 1893.
A beautiful suicide. 23 year-old Evelyn McHale jumped from the 83rd floor
of the Empire State Building and landed on a United Nations limousine, 1947. 
First morning after Sweden changed from driving on the left
side to driving on the right 1967.

Alan CY Kok

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