Monday, 13 January 2014

Lovely pets at their best to attract human attention

Could any one help to count the number of puppies, please?
Bath time! There's no way to avoid.
Polar bear took a tumble, and became a commercial ad star.
Hey Mom, look what I've found!
It's Rubik's Cube!
Who's the coolest of them all?
It's a doggie not a lady; it is seated behind this motorcyclist.
Wow, Corgis dog team pulling a carriage.........must be a mini one.
Hey you, shall we continue? You exhausted?
Wait, hold your horses. Give me a break!
can't you see I'm not ready for the final show-down?
Cute puppy Corgi couldn't wag its tail.......
it had gone missing.
Old friend, it's been years since we last met.
Kittens need adoption; they're currently under
the care of this Mummy dog.
Fisher dog I am.
Oh my! The Demon puppy.
I've got two kittens under my care.
This dog mummy has babies of a different kind.
Don't you imitate me!  - You're the one who imitate me!
Get me out quickly!
Misery acquaints strange bedfellows.
Today is sunshine day.
Now who's who? The owl or the cat?
Which is which?
Fatten-up husky puppy has fun in the snow covered land.
This one is a real fat squirrel.
The guinea pig is not only fat, but it's actually pregnant.
Adoption, adoption........who wants a litter of cute kittens?
Thought you're out of town?
Cat burglar caught in the refrigerator compartment. 
Ah finally put you to bed......No, I want to pee!
Master told us to look after his bike
whilst he goes to 7-11 for our food.
Don't know what is that!
I won't give you up for dead.
Doggie dragged partner to the ground safe from passing
 traffic after it was knocked down by a car.
We have good time at the pub playing host and DJ singer.
Wow, gargantuan wild hog gunned down.
Wonder what's the tonnage?
Don't you think I'm cute?
Who in his right mind wants to carry kitten in his undies?
Golden Retriever puppies? Guess where's the mummy dog?
Don't disturb me...........
This is one of the best Christmas season
greeting card I ever received.
Wrestling champion contestant woman practising
 with a Mop dog? Or what is that?
Hi Hitler! Do I know you?
Came the blunt reply.
Actually they call me "Charlie"
Sporting an Afro-hairdo, this Alpacas of the smaller species
of Llama comes close to be acquainted.
Ah lovely, huggable kitten looking for friends.
Oh how I hate bathing!
The Pug family takes a family photo for the album.
But one of them is not a genuine doggie.
It is a toy.
Couldn't tell what is it?
Perhaps it's a rabbit.
You better put me down.
What you think I am - a trophy?
Mom is right behind you!
My puppy is part of my family.
I must save it in time
of trouble or danger.
Thanks for saving my life.
Miniature horses of Scotland with winter clothing.
I'm dog-tired........but puppies usually
do not sleep in this posture, neither kittens do.
Say, couldn't I have some privacy?
No way! You're lying on the pedestrian walkway!
You want to be walked all over ?
Help.....I need water......just water...please.
Day and night view of the huge floating
 duckling at Kowloon Bay.
One of the them is not a family member.
You want to walk the dog or is it the other way round.
I look a lot better than that painting
 on the road surface.
Come drink with me.
Prairie dog found a bottle of wine
 with some balance of the alcohol.
Traditional praying service to mark the
demise of the Giant Floating Duckling.
Me who ? Stalin I am......not Adolf Hitler.
Many people mistook me for that.

Alan CY Kok

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