Friday, 17 January 2014

Some curious photographs and graphics, and thoughts to digest too

No one is certain about the existence of
this sign at this location in China.
Is this a character in  Stephen Chow's movie?
A guy or a woman?

No comment

One palace guard of Buckingham 
goes to barber for his monthly hair-trim.
Fancy he doesn't have to remove his
tall hat of regalia for the hair dressing.

Oh Dad, why did you place me in
the company of an alien kid?
A lady Chewbacca of Star Wars fame.
You can't judge things at the surface.
This caterpillar or cocoon dress is killing me!
I can't move easily nor breathe smoothly.
How am I going to reach the fancy dress party on time?

Green colored humming bird with a crocodile head?
Poor but blissful family
It's hard to understand a person from the facial outlook.
You'll never know what he/she has behind the back.

Right on target while coming down from the sky,
Fortunately I hit no body on landing.

Old photograph of a barber at
work at the back lane of the city.
Plump boy goes air-borne while executing a flying kick.
Expression most explicit - I hate you!

The great white shark landing while
she took a picture shot at the beach.

My meals are important; come rain or shine,
I still will be hungry when it's meal time.

Icons of multi-faith are shown in this
logo of religious discussion and understanding conference

Old tribal woman seems contented smoking a self-made large cigar.
She probably has just gone through a cataract removing surgery.

Poor haggard people feeds the ever hungry,
 insatiable, fat government (leaders).
Oh Mummy, this jab sure hurts!
Can I be excused from the inoculation jab, Sir?
Pop-eyed the sailor's mother smoking!
The faithful dog lies on the tombstone of
 its owner for months after his death in 2006.
Smile more often. With good temperament,
 fortune will come.

A bride with horse hind legs!
Is it possible?

Till death do us part......

We'll be old soon if we don't go crazy now.
(We go crazy while we're still young)
Oh my, this carrot sure grows deep underground.
Kind hearted lady shelters poor ragged
 woman in the rain with her umbrella.

So long the car doesn't move

9 year-old Lady Gaga showing her potential.

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Alan CY Kok

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