Friday, 28 February 2014

GIF files with cats and dogs fun

Oh yeah! Nazi planned to kidnap and gas
1 million cats and kittens for their furs; oh my!
The pet door was built with an exit and entry access
for me when I was a puppy!
Hmmm, it's great rubbing my chin on your rough hide.
Strange bedfellows.
Little chipmunk awakes for a new day
by brushing its turf on its head.
It will ready for a camera shot.
Smart cat finds a brilliant method to amuse itself.
Hey, this merry-go-round is real fun, better than
chasing my own tail. Now  I'm dizzy and can't
 get down from the turn-table.
Good to be taller, even for a dog.
What a feeling, you touch my toes and I touch yours.
Let's imitate crawling behind the baby,
just for the kick of it.
Hi Kat Kat, stop eating, let's go out and play.......hurry!
Life is too short not to take time out to enjoy the fun.

GIF files obtained from A Chinese media news print


Alan CY Kok

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