Monday, 24 February 2014

She ate the dinner I ordered

The burly 6ft 2 in tall black lady ate the dinner
 I ordered without realising that it's not
the dish she wanted to eat. 
On the last day of our stay in Melbourne, Australia at around the last days of 2013, my wife and I strolled into a Thai restaurant in downtown Melbourne, (near China Town) to have our dinner before our departure for Kuala Lumpur at mid-night. It was a neat and cosy, small Thai Restaurant that offered Asian dishes that were easily ordered by its menu. We chose a rectangular table near the entrance to sit down as the interior of the restaurant was fully occupied with hungry diners.
A myriad of restaurants lined both sides
of China Town in downtown Melbourne
My wife would like to have a Thai-styled glutinous rice serving, and I ordered a curry chicken rice a la carte as we were missing Asian food. While my wife was enjoying her glutinous rice dinner slowly, a stoutly built Black lady walked in and sat next to me (The single table was arranged to join our table for two). We have no qualm at all about her sitting next to us. Very shortly after she ordered her meal, her dinner was served promptly that I began to wonder whether was there a mixed-up?
If this was the woman who came to sit next to our table,
we'd make a quick exit out of the restaurant.
Without hesitation the Afro-hairdo woman began to gulp down the plate of curry chicken rice placed on her table. As more than half of her face was covered by her thick hairdo, I could not see her expression; guess she was totally immersed in her devour of the culinary delight. Then again my curry chicken and rice did not seem to be coming! I called for the attention of the pint-sized Chinese waitress (She's a fulltime student with a Melbourne university and a part time waitress-she hailed from Hong Kong.)to expedite the serving of the dish I ordered. She came back from the kitchen within one minute and promptly announced that my dinner would be ready in two minutes! While the  black woman sat next to me licking her fingers after her hearty meal, my dish arrived. Lo! It was not curry chicken rice; it was some sort of spinach vegetable cooked with meat, accompanied by a bowl of rice.
Asian food are easily ordered even if you do not speak English.
Just point at your preferred dishes.
I almost blew my top but still managed to remain civilized.  A middle-aged Thai lady manning the cashier-counter walked towards me in her dainty steps apologized to me profusely, telling me there was a mixed-up alright. But she remembered just in time to ask me whether I would accept the "spinach cooked with meat rice" dish. "No way, I want my curry chicken rice!" Then it was another 10 minutes wait. The Thai lady promised a 10% discount for the unnecessary delay in serving me. As the young waitress placed my dinner dish in front of me, the black lady abruptly stood up, smiling broadly at me and spoke loudly:
We had Italian dinner with some red wine here once
"So I ate the food you ordered!"
"Yes, you know it wasn't what you ordered, so why didn't you push it to me?"
"Oh yeah, I was so hungry that I started eating without a second thought, ha ha!"
She began to giggle like a little girl, just then I realised that she was actually a young lady.
"Bye!" she turned her back at us and left swiftly as she came, after placing a A$10 note on the table. (The Thai curry chicken rice was priced at A$9.50
"Bye....." I could not be unhappy further so I returned her gesture in good humour. I proceeded to the counter to pay our bill after I finished my food but the Thai lady who promised me 10% discount was not there. She had gone out for her own dinner, so I still needed to pay in full, without the discount of course.

Alan CY Kok 

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