Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Australian Outback & Wildlife

            Some things you'll see only in Australia.

Australians are known to be a pretty laid back people, which are

surprising, considering their wildlife contains thousands of ways

for them to get poisoned, eaten or injured.

Still, they maintain their happy-go-lucky ways despite this fact and even have a good sense of humour about it.

There's no doubt Australia is an unique place, and so travellers to

Australia, especially to the outback, should be aware they might run into the unusual scenes as depicted here.........

For Christ's sake, let go your bite, you heard me!
See what I've got on my tow truck!

It seems that there's a snake crawled its
way into a workman's helmet.

What's that weird looking crawlie hiding under the car?

It's going to be a headache - how to load the bloated,
 stinking, dead carcass of the huge croc unto the truck.
Hey, what are you going to do? Barbeque now?

Preparing the baby kangaroo to sleep-the unconventional way.  

You can't find eucalyptus tree leaves there to chew;
I'm referring to the uninvited guest on top of my motor-home.

Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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