Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Unusual pictures you don't see often

A seahorse inspects a diver's watch(一海马在察看潜水员的手表)
2、An illuminated snow tunnel in Russia(被照明的雪隧道,俄国
3、Everybody was kung fu fighting(每个人都是中国功夫)
4、The honeybee’s final sting(蜜蜂的最后刺)
5、Street artist Sainer goes big in Poland
Mount Rainier casting a shadow on clouds(雷尼尔山在云上投下阴影)
Encounter of the first kind(第一次接触)
The Irish Sky Garden crater(爱尔兰空中花园火山口
Moon bridge in Dahu Park, Taipei(台北市大湖公园月亮桥)
Flight of the manta rays(魔鬼鱼的迁徙)

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       Gásadalur Village in the Faroe Islands在法罗群岛的Gásadalur村
World’s edge(世界的边缘)
The Capilano suspension bridge in Vancouver温哥华的卡皮拉诺悬索桥)
Fractal patterns in dried out desert rivers
Meditating monks at Pongour Falls(沉思的和尚在 Pongour 瀑布)
A sunset eclipse(日蚀时的夕阳)
The largest raft of canoes and kayaks in the world
Adaptive roots in the concrete jungle
The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve(汉密尔顿自然保护区
Above the canopy(树冠上面)
Colliding rivers in Geneva, Switzerland(
The stunning green vine snake(令人震惊的绿色藤蔓蛇
Aurora australis (southern lights) from space
Mount Kilimanjaro from above(俯瞰乞力马扎罗山)
The amazing strength of an ant(一只蚂蚁的惊人力量)
Yarn binding a bus in Mexico City墨西哥城一辆用纱线缠的公共汽车)
Felix Baumgartner jumps from 71,580 feet
费利克斯·鲍姆加特纳从71,580 英尺的一跳)
The most incredible aurora of 2012(2012年最令人难以置信的极光)
The Waterfall Island at Iguazu Falls(伊瓜苏瀑布中的瀑布岛)
Overgrown railroad tracks in the forest(森林中杂草丛生的铁轨)
A pod of sleeping sperm whales(一群抹香鲸在睡觉)
Pixel people perfection(完美的由像素构成的人像)
Striking artistry of multiple takeoffs at Hannover Airport
Putting the size of a whale in perspective(视野中放一条鲸鱼的大小)
One boat and 145 water-skiers(一艘船和 145个滑水运动员
Outdoor jacuzzi on the Matterhorn(马特洪峰*户外按摩池)
The precious blue marble(珍贵的蓝色大理石)
Serenity now(此刻的宁静)
ROFLMAO(网络用语 roflmao=rolling on floor laughing my ass off
Meanwhile in Switzerland(与此同时,瑞士)
Pictures obtained from a Chinese media news daily.
Alan CY Kok

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