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All traces of body features are in the human genes

Movies portraying ancient Chinese stories always present a way to determine one's own breed by mixing blood drops of the child and that of the father's. According to ancient Chinese belief if the blood drops are able to blend, then it is proven that the child is genetically linked to the family bloodline.  However modern science has ruled that this method to determine one's own biological child has no scientific standing at all, and in actual fact it is misleading.

Now we have a news report from Chongqing, China as published by Chongqing Evening Post that tells a true life story:-
Chongqing residents Liu Bing and his wife were a handsome and pretty, married couple. However Liu was vigilante enough to smell fish when he noticed that the 1 year-old baby boy his charming wife gave birth to was born with single eyelids, when both the husband and wife spotted double eye-lids.

An obviously blissful Chinese family
During the baby's 1st year-birthday party, one of the relatives commented curiously about the infant's single-eyelid eyes, as different to that of the parents. That night the deeply hurt Liu Bing could not sleep a wink. He now harboured serious notion about his wife's infidelity. He began to plot an insidious plan to determine if the child was unmistakably his. With the movie's act in mind, he woke up in the morning to send his wife out of the house for some errands. His wife readily obliged, telling him to look after the sleeping child.

This baby girl is blessed with large eyes with double-eyelids.
Liu Bing pricked his son's left index finger with a sharp needle and collected few drops of blood into a glass saucer. Whilst his awakened child cried out loud in pain, he was indifferent about the son's wailing. Liu then pricked his own index finger and squeezed few drops of blood into the same saucer. He was vastly elated to see the few drops of blood blended well together. In his bigoted and selfish mind he thought he had proven to his clan that the toddler was unmistakably his own breed.  

There're many reasons why an infant baby cries.
When Liu's wife returned to see her precious baby crying and with tiny blood stains around his finger, she suspected something amiss. Upon questioning her husband what had actually happened, the answer she got made her blowing her top. She was howling mad at her husband. She reckoned her husband's act had gone overboard to doubt her faith to the family.

Shakespeare's popular  tragedy "Othello"
highlights the essence of Jealousy.
He calls it -The Green-eyed monster.
The next day three of them proceeded to the local  district hospital to have their blood samples taken for the correct test. The result of the DNA finding confirmed her fidelity and the child was wholly theirs. Anyway Mrs Liu had began legal proceeding against her husband's ridiculous suspicion of her integrity and loyalty, towards an official divorce.

Genetic scientist of Xi Nan Hospital, Chongqing explained that a baby could be born with single eye-lids even both its parents possessed double-eyelids so long one of the parents carried single eyelid genes with him or her. The genes could be passed over to the new born.

Article translated by
Alan CY Kok

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Adorable and faithful dogs

Nothing beats going out with Mom for a walk
Am I cutier than the kitten up there?
Talk about wading pool, this is too deep.
Ah.....this is the way, so relieving.
Doggie Mom takes over a nest of ducklings
 as mother duck has been taken
away by the master.
Whatever you fellas do, don't bug me;
you hear me?
Charming lady and her two pet dogs
revel the Christmas cheer.
Meal time, not yet? I'm already hungry.
Puppy doggie sulks for been awakened.
I'm afraid if we stay this way for long,
our master will turn us into carpets!
Those uncivil-minded people leave their dogs' poo all over;
and I got to do the cleaning job.
Sexy girl and her Pomeranian doggie share the bed.
Notice the poor doggie is blind?

So sleepy!
Now I found that the world is round.........
You'd ever seen a short-legged husky?
Mother dog and her puppies enjoyed the warmth
at home with the master farmer. So comforting.

Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing

Alan  CY  Kok