Sunday, 23 March 2014

Adorable and faithful dogs

Nothing beats going out with Mom for a walk
Am I cutier than the kitten up there?
Talk about wading pool, this is too deep.
Ah.....this is the way, so relieving.
Doggie Mom takes over a nest of ducklings
 as mother duck has been taken
away by the master.
Whatever you fellas do, don't bug me;
you hear me?
Charming lady and her two pet dogs
revel the Christmas cheer.
Meal time, not yet? I'm already hungry.
Puppy doggie sulks for been awakened.
I'm afraid if we stay this way for long,
our master will turn us into carpets!
Those uncivil-minded people leave their dogs' poo all over;
and I got to do the cleaning job.
Sexy girl and her Pomeranian doggie share the bed.
Notice the poor doggie is blind?

So sleepy!
Now I found that the world is round.........
You'd ever seen a short-legged husky?
Mother dog and her puppies enjoyed the warmth
at home with the master farmer. So comforting.

Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing

Alan  CY  Kok

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