Friday, 7 March 2014

History's forgotten yet interesting images

Abraham Lincoln inspects the battlefield in 1862.
American soldiers hunker down in a trench less than
 a mile from the detonation of a 43 kiloton
 nuclear bomb in 1953.
An American field hospital in the bombed
out remain of a French church in 1918.
A mountain of bison skulls ready to be ground into fertilizers in 1870's.
Bonnie and Clyde's car following the shoot-out which ended the two outlaws.
 The gunfire barrage were so loud that many members of the posse experienced temporary deafness. 
A car crash in Washington in 1921.
Cincinnati's cavernous library, demolished in 1955.
Civil war veterans and survivors shake
 hands in Gettysburg in 1913.
Albert Einstein visits Grand Canyon in 1922.
The first ambulance, Bellevue Hospital Center, NY 1869.
Inmates at Attica play chest.
Children in iron lungs before the advent of polo vaccine in 1937.
The Tivoli Theatre, 1975.
John F. and Bobby Kennedy, 1960.
The first known sports photo ever taken.
The 1858 Knickerbocker base ball club,
Hoboken, New Jersey.
LAPD police officers going undercover
in 1960 to catch purse snatchers.
Lewis Powell, a co-conspirator in the assassination of
President Abraham Lincoln. He was hanged in 1865.
Mark Twain smokes a cigar in 1905.
12th Street in Miami, Florida, in 1908.
Michigan loggers, 1890.
The Old Pony Express, and the future of mail delivery.
Eisenhower and Patton examine a trove of stolen artefacts
 that the Germans hid in salt mines in 1945.
The road leading to Woodstock in 1969.
Civil war veteran Samuel Decker poses with the
 prosthetic arms he made for himself.
A group of students visits a bison in 1899.
An Alabama schoolhouse in 1935.
Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill pose together in 1885.
A lull in the fighting during the Civil War.
Prohibition begins and alcohol is poured the drain in 1921.
Waiting in line following the Louisville flood in 1937.
Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing.
Alan CY Kok


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