Saturday, 15 March 2014

New gadgets for modern living

The light-weight bike pack
Glass holder
Traffic light signal with hour-glass timer
Solar charging while parking
No more blind spots (with rear view mirror)
Wearable wireless mouse
 Hoodie Backpack
Hidden power Outlet
Unique umbrella design
Ruler with holes for precision
Eco friendly toilet
Solar rocking chair
Digitally precise protractor
You will have no problem finding the keyhole
For smart parents
Bicycle parking
Digital measuring cup
Built-in wall extension cord
I-phone lens
Spoke-less bicycle
Compact boots
Digital ink for tablets
Solar chargers + Window stickies
Knives set
Rubik's cube for the blind
 Zipper ear phones
Self-locking bike
Calendar ring
Solar power camping tent

 Many thanks to  Derrick Lim for sharing.

Alan CY Kok           

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