Thursday, 6 March 2014

Some of Thomas Kinkade's masterpieces

Thomas Kinkade - Born Jan.19th 1958
                                Died April 6th 2012

Thomas Kinkade was America's most collected living artist in painting when he was alive. The coroner's office at Santa Clara County announced that he died of accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium.  His family says that his death was from natural causes.  

Kinkade was well-known for his emphasis on simple pleasures and inspirational messages in his artworks, as he hailed from a modest background. His paintings were often idyllic, fanciful and filed with light.

It was a great loss to a mostly uncaring world. He really
had talent for the good thing in life. There are a few of his rain pictures below. Hope the rain comes through on your computer. Awesome how they work on your PC.

The say if you pass Thomas Kinkade's art pieces on, you will receive
a miracle. I am passing on because I thought they were really beautiful. Besides, who couldn't use a miracle?

Many thanks to Alex Chin for sharing
Alan CY Kok

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