Thursday, 20 March 2014

The lives of two inseparable Norwegian brothers

When photographer Elin Hoyland stumbled across Harald and Mathias Ramen, she didn't expect to find a story tha could touch the hearts of thousands. The two brothers, 75 and 80 years old respectively, spent every waking moment together.
Elin was intrigued by this simple way of life she found in Norway, so she set out to document the lives of the two men. She named the series "The Brothers" hoping to show others the unique life they led (one she feared would soon be extinct).
The two brothers lived in the farm together,
leading  simple lives.
They spent their waking hours together.
They were avid bird-watchers, taking care of over
 20 bird boxes they set up for the wildlife.
In their free time the two brothers would read
 the newspaper, or listen to the radio.
They tried to use a TV before, but decided to return
it when they thought it would take up too much time.
Their lives were simple, true.
But they knew that was important,
and grasped tightly to that.
Most of us wouldn't live a life like theirs nowadays.
We could be missing out on hidden happiness.
Harald and Mathias shared a bedroom in their entire lives.
Until the very end. After his brother passed,
Mathias stayed in the home......
Then, he was gone too.

Harald and Mathias had lived lives that would be difficult for many to understand. They didn't have distractions or technology but they were happy. Their way of life could be dying in the world, but it's important to keep in mind: Having the biggest car, shiniest toy or
nicest house isn't the most important thing in the world.  

What's important thing is holding on tight what you love in life: Family, friends and your passion. Remember Harald and Mathias and their simple life, and share it with others.
Source: Elin Hoyland via Huff Post.

Alan CY Kok


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