Thursday, 6 March 2014

The miracle created by Korean facial surgeries

Korean twin sisters turn totally different pair of sisters after few facial surgeries  

The first photo is the twin sisters before going to Korean live show TV "Let's Beauty". The main purpose of this program is to help those
with special circumstances or people who are too ugly to feel confident in their life. This lucky twin sisters got their chance to change their look when they got sponsored by this program. Let's take a look and see the magic.

Before the plastic surgery 

Doctors are discussing about
their facial structures.
Side View - Before
Side View - After
Front view - Before
Front view - After
The last minute when the twins
show up on the stage and
surprise everyone.
Many thanks to their magician Doctor
who worked wonders to turn them
into stunning beauties.
The pair of pretty swans

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing

Alan CY Kok

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