Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Japanese farmer Otchan & his love for pigs

Japanese pig farmer Otchan has 1,200 pigs to his name. However he doesn't sell his pigs to be butchered for food. Photographer Toshitero Yamaji spent years to document Otchan's bond with his pet animals. Seeing Otchan's interaction with his pigs will probably shock you.
He is very close to all his pigs, big or little.
He spends hours with the pigs that he raises.
He cuddles them, hand feeding them.
Sometimes he just like to spend time with them, doing nothing.
He'll also serenade to them with his guitar playing.
Or read to them the latest news.
These pigs aren't simply a job to Otchan.
He loves them.
It's rare to see anyone having this kind of connection with animals.
Especially there are hundreds of them.
We wish there will be more people like Otchan in this World.
His love of pigs is so inspiring.
And so is their love for him - Otchan-san.
They share a bond that's truly touching.
Otchan's pigs have to be some of the   
happiest oinkers in the world.   
Is that pig meant for food, to be eaten?
No Sir, sorry. It's your reflection
in the mirror.

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Alan CY Kok


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Malaysia's pain and shame

Recently Malaysia was thrown into disarray with regards to the unfortunate disappearance of the country's flagship airline MAS plane the MH370, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Whilst the search and recue operation had been launched with many countries' intensified effort, the CEO of MAS, the director-general of Civil Aviation and the acting Minister of Transport threw many daily press conferences to answer questions fired by foreign reporters and the next of kin of the passengers. However their answers were mainly incoherent, did not match one another's earlier statements, and in fact most of the time they could not answer questions put forth by the uneasy, impatient and frustrated relatives of the missing plane's passengers. The inability by the Malaysian aviation authority to confirm the location of the missing MH370 plane after weeks of search added further distress to antagonise the beleaguered families.
The Appellate Court of Justice ruled that non-muslims could not use the word "Allah" and that caused more discontent and unhappiness among Malaysian Christians. Christian missionaries and pastors of Sarawak and Sabah told the press that they have been using the word "Allah" (meaning God) since 60 years ago. The Selangor islamic council JAIS raided the Biblical Society of Malaysia to confiscate hundreds of bibles added more anger and anxiety of the Christians in the country. The BSM has decided to move camp to Kuala Lumpur City.
One nefarious islamic society member reminded his tribal clan not to be so discerning about the demise of opposition stalwart Karpal Singh, a prominent lawyer and a ferocious democracy advocate. This scumbag further claimed that this particular non-believer of the islamic faith, an infidel in their religious term, will go to hell; so they should not bid goodwill words like "Rest In Peace" to the deceased. This caution to the muslims obviously will not go down well among the millions of Karpal's supporters, and the country further divides.
The misadventure of the missing MAS jet MH370 placed Malaysia the country in bad light to the international world, and turned the country into disarray and in turmoil.
The MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya was helpless to answer questioned fired by foreign reporters, in the absence of DCA director-general and the acting transport minister. Ahmad's command of English was rather poor as he stammered to find correct words to express himself. He answered quickly in the malay language when a local woman reporter asked a question. Thereafter he spoke only in the malay language, much to the chagrin of other foreign media representatives. We, at the same time understand the fact that it is a monumental task in finding the missing aircraft MH370; it is not an easy endeavour. It could take months; the international air, marine search and rescue experts claimed so.
The UMNO-led regime of BN government had since Mahathir's tenure as PM wanted desperately to nail opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to answer many
charges thrown at him. Anwar had spent six years in the jail but won a repeal and remained free for the moment. But the higher appellate court ruled in the favour of BN and Anwar has admitted that he may lose his seat as an MP and may spend more years in the jail. He is appealing right now.
'Raja Bomoh' strolled into the KLIA premises in style with security escorts and with his entourage in tow to begin his ludicrous and absurd display of despicable farce. They were dressed to the nines for their public appearance in fracas.
Ibrahim Mat Zin, a local clairvoyant who crowned himself as Raja Bomoh volunteered to help the finding of missing MH370 claiming that he was invited to render his service. So far no important dignitary or minister or VIP came forward to admit to have engaged the service of this laughter-procuring egregious buffoon. Ibrahim's action and farce carried out at the KLIA's premises drew mockery, laughter, jest and insults, contempt and allusion that seemingly modern Malaysia is still practising abject black magic. Again the country is being thrust into bad light to the global watchers.
The infamous bomoh got the irk of UMNO young gun Khairy who told him to quit disgracing the country. The clairvoyant retorted to slap the younger malay man 'like a crocodile'. The UMNO Youth leader replied 'I'm ready!'
Don't know why, the PM kept mum over the bomoh's show-up at the airport.
 Surgical staffs of a hospital did a mock
 re-enactment of the bomoh's act in the
Operating Theatre. The ministry of health
wasn't very happy about this.
The jerk showed off his working paraphernalia
                          and tools to be used in tracking the missing MH370.
Wow, ultra modern binoculars!
You saw anything, Tuan Bomoh?

The ritual had begun, much to the amusement of the foreign reporters and camera crews as well as much to the annoyance of the government and airport authority. Malaysia's ambition to be an advanced nation by 2020 had gone
down the drain. It's probably 200 years behind time as the government remains tacit about the practice of silly, uncanny witchcraft.
Ibrahim Mat Zin failed in his attempt in helping to find the missing MH370. Not to be deterred, he expressed his intention to do the magic show in Australia! Hope his visa application is granted.

Former PM who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.
The whole family performed in mockery as "Multi-hands Buddha Deity" 
多手菩萨 as compared to the Bomoh's act at the Airport.
US President Obama couldn't help but laughs heartily to see the
crazy comedy going on in KLIA, Malaysia.
But he got even a bigger surprise.
How on earth you fellas get here?
All countries' effort in finding the missing MH370 draw a blank so far. While some crack-nuts practising witchcraft tried to chip in using primitive means.
The bomoh team exorcised to appease the dead at the North-South Highway where the accident that took away Karpal Singh's life happened near Gua Tempurung, Perak.
Charles Darwin would be delighted that
his Theory of Evolution works well.
A couple was attacked in the island resort of Pom Pom near Semporna, Sabah, while enjoying their holidays there in November 2013. The Taiwanese man Mr Lim Min Hsu was killed by gun shots and his wife Madam An Wei Chang was taken away by the alleged pirates. She was released weeks later after her family paid a heavy ransom to secure her freedom.

29 year-old Shanghai lass Miss Gao Huayun was abducted shortly after her arrival at the Singamata Reef Resort, Sabah. A woman employee was taken along with her by the alleged Abu Sayyaf armed group.  Until now (End of April 2014) she still had not been released by her kidnappers though there were words of negotiation going on with regards to the amount of ransom. The tourists and resort operators complained that there were little or absence of security force to safeguard their safety.
With the unfortunate incidents of abductions that become rampant in East Malaysia and the missing MH370 saga, Malaysian tourism suffered a great setback. Tens of thousands of tourist arrivals have been cancelled (Particularly from China). The loss of income for tourism industry is immense and that could run into hundred of millions.
This arrogant and belligerent minister who had a case of personal assault to a local businessman (It was settled out of court in July 2013), refused to grant a printing licence to Malaysiakini. The latter, an award winning independent news portal in the country secured a victory when the Court of Appeal ruled that it is entitled to a print permit. Just days before (in February 2014) the egregious home minister handed over the Best Social Media Award to Malaysiakini chief Steven Gan with a broad smile.
With reference to the missing MH370, the capricious minister pointed an accusing finger vehemently that the Chinese newspapers are stoking up the anger of families of the passengers of the ill-fated airplane. Later when questioned he clarified that he meant the news media of China. Certainly this would not go down well to China's news media, and they would not lie back and swallow what was lambasted at them. The country's reigning political leaders should find ways to salvage the battered reputation caused by callous outcry of some ministers.   

Progressive, liberal thinking Muslims show
support of their district reverend missionary in
East Malaysia. Their banner says "Allah for All"
That is so heartening.
This deputy minister did not think of the consequences as he had taken for granted that no one would question the rationale or logic of his  statement. He found himself in a tricky and sticky, difficult situation whereby he was under continuous bombardment of furore and curses from in and out of his UMNO-led regime. He later apologised but conveniently blamed the media for bad reporting. His claim of marrying a Chinese wife did not appease the anger of other races.
The deputy minister indeed had made a fool of himself in the glare of public eyes.

Divorcee Madam Deepa won the custody right to keep her two children. However two days after the judgement her estranged husband, a muslim convert kidnapped her 6 year-old son and went into hiding. The couple, both ethnic Indians, was married in a  civil marriage ceremony in 2004. A police report was made by Deepa about her son's abduction but the police department refused to take action.
The perpetrator-The son abductor Viran aka as Izwan Abdullah
was furious that the civil court had ruled that his former
 wife have full custody of their two children.
We can't do anything, Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said.
It's a case that involved the Shariah Court. He urged both parties to "settle the problems privately". He also stated that no warrant of arrest would be issued even it's a case of blatant abduction, contravening high court's custody order. Deepa had been physically abused by her former husband in the past.
The March for Justice Sept. 27th 2007.
 An outstanding of justice advocate and human rights worker Ambiga Sreenevasan is a prominent lawyer and a honourable recipient of the coveted US International Woman of Courage Award in 2009. She is well-loved and respected for her role in ensuring a clean, decent and fairly contested General Election in a movement known as "Bersih" for which she is the co-founder. She was President of Malaysian Bar Council in 2007-2009. A thorn to the eyes of current UMNO-led BN administration she had invoked the wrath of UMNO supporters. She had been attacked, harassed, disturbed and confronted by the unruly UMNO members. The unafraid advocate for justice and transparency remains strong and determined in her quest. Ambiga was most well-known for her organising the "March for Justice" in 2007 at the country's administrative centre Putrajaya where she led a group of lawyers to call for judicial reform. Bar council members led the 2,000 plus lawyers and concerned citizens to the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya.
Irene Fernandez was co-founder of Tenaganita, a NGO that promotes the rights of migrant workers and refugees.   She was sentenced to jail term of one year for publishing "false news" in 2003, in which she revealed to the media that 59 migrant inmates who were mainly Bangladeshis had died in deplorable condition while in detention camp at Semenyih, Selangor. After years of unyielding fighting for justice she eventual won a repeal and was found not guilty in 2008. The late Irene Fernandez was also an active member of women's rights NGO. She died of heart failure on 31st March 2014 at age 68. She had been a vocal champion of migrant worker rights as well as a human rights advocate.


The passing of international acclaimed lawyer, human rights fighter and opposition party leader the Honourable Member of Parliament Mr Karpal Singh dealt a big blow to Malaysia's democracy movements. Yet some bigoted BN religious zealots reminded their followers not to mourn his death.
(Infidels are the non-believers of the islamic faith)
Saw this picture in the net. Somehow it has
some peculiarity that's so familiar.
Loving couple chatting on a common topic.
Both seemed to be elated.
Notorious Ibrahim Ali the controversial chief of malay rights group is a clown in the media, and one who propagates the supremacy and superiority status of his
race. However even the UMNO-led BN regime leaders are trying to avoid this nerd Ibrahim Ali.

UN already rules that race-based politic is so wrong as it equals the practice of apartheid. The country has refused to adopt the policy of meritocracy to rope in the best brains for the country. Instead treatments of opportunity of all kinds are rendered based on race and religion. Other races will always be side-lined, ignored, and antagonized; thus causing misery, distress, polarisation and disparity instead of equality and harmony.

Former EC Chairman gets a history lesson on Malaysia.
Former Election Commission Chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman claimed that the country Malaysia belongs to Malays. He is now part of Perkasa-an extreme Malay Rights group. No wonder the collision of BN keeps winning the general elections. What he said had been refuted by one Sr. lecturer Dr Arnold Puyok of Uni. Malaysia Sarawak who told Rashid blatantly that he had misinterpreted the history of Malaysia. Without Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia would never be formed, according to Dr Arnold.
Many Malaysians forget the golden words and advice as principles for living in harmony laid down by the late founder & 1st PM of Malaysia during the declaration of Independence.
Where's your face? Thrown away already! Why left only your skull? My face has been discarded as I've lost my face in shame as a Malaysian, so only the skeletal skull of mine remains.
Na, give you this banana! It's good for your health
and it enhances your mental power.
So one won't utter rubbish without using the brain.
It's beginning to see a number of homeless persons
 like this one  in KL City. This vagrant was found
                                  at the entrance of Titiwangsa LRT Station.
There was a rumour spreading out to disturb the defence ministry's purchase of the French made Scorpene submarines. The submarines were unable to sink, the alleged rumour told.
The SMD Ouessant was bought to set up a submarine museum
in Malacca. Was it necessary in the first place? How wasteful!
The collection of GST (Goods and service Tax @ 6%) will not go down well to the millions of citizens. The government is set to collect billions when GST comes into effect next April. Well, See how many billions of RM is spent on acquiring the Scorpene submarines. More monies were spent to buy one for the unnecessary purpose to establish a Submarine museum in Malacca.
Of course it's no good to educate your
children that way.
But for some  frivolous bigots-
I can't tolerate them anyway.
Have you got to chuckle like that?
Alan CY Kok