Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Aftermath of Fukushima disaster - The whole world suffers

Turner Radio Network sounded out an alarming warning to the citizens of The American Continent that they have been eating Fukushima radiation and bloody, cancerous tumours in fish contaminated by radiation in the Pacific Ocean as a result of a calamitous explosion of the said nuclear power plant in March 2011. The broadcasted message to the US and Canadian citizens on January 28th 2014 also indicated that their governments did not do much to arrest the grave situation and were rather helpless. It was estimated that 400 tons of highly radioactive  water being spewed into the Pacific Ocean since the fateful day when the Japanese shore was hit by Tsunami preceded by an earthquake off the coast.

The US government and the nuclear power industry claimed that there is nothing to worry about. When you see the photos below, you may want to decide if they were telling the truth.

These are what the tumours inside three pieces of Salmon slices looked like:

Many fish caught in the immensely huge Pacific Ocean were found to have bloody lesions and tumours on them:

While Salmons caught in the Pacific Ocean are mostly infected with lesions and tumours, the Alberta Pikes of Canada caught are showing convincing, grotesque cancerous tumours protruding outside their bodies.

Cancerous tumours are also affecting other species of fish like the Canadian Whitefish as shown below:

Canada's Vancouver Island Area Herring are also found to be bleeding from their mouth, gills, eyes, and bellies:

Marine biologist-ichthyologists have for years determined that sharks will not be infected with cancer. But now things have changed. It is historic first; this Great White Shark is stricken with the deadly cancer.

Below are images of various types of seals, walruses and even polar bears. All of them are suffering bloody lesions, some are suffering external tumours and others are losing their fur - hair loss is one of them first sign of radiation poisoning, even in humans.

The radio network company further reports that even till now, the US Federal government has done absolutely nothing to test the radiation level in the Pacific Ocean. Nothing, it says.

Many thanks to Derrick Lim for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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