Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Japanese farmer Otchan & his love for pigs

Japanese pig farmer Otchan has 1,200 pigs to his name. However he doesn't sell his pigs to be butchered for food. Photographer Toshitero Yamaji spent years to document Otchan's bond with his pet animals. Seeing Otchan's interaction with his pigs will probably shock you.
He is very close to all his pigs, big or little.
He spends hours with the pigs that he raises.
He cuddles them, hand feeding them.
Sometimes he just like to spend time with them, doing nothing.
He'll also serenade to them with his guitar playing.
Or read to them the latest news.
These pigs aren't simply a job to Otchan.
He loves them.
It's rare to see anyone having this kind of connection with animals.
Especially there are hundreds of them.
We wish there will be more people like Otchan in this World.
His love of pigs is so inspiring.
And so is their love for him - Otchan-san.
They share a bond that's truly touching.
Otchan's pigs have to be some of the   
happiest oinkers in the world.   
Is that pig meant for food, to be eaten?
No Sir, sorry. It's your reflection
in the mirror.

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