Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pictures that deserve your 2nd glance

Not much people has the luck to kiss the Sphinx !
Heck no, have mercy on me, not your shoe!
Going into the kettle or coming out?
When you go into a huge desert, you'd need a big bottle of water.
This car is just too cool, it slides on a skateboard.
What actually happened here is rather intriguing......?
 May the power of the Force be with him as always!
Dad let the girl do the heavy lifting.
Life is just a game!
Backpacker's elaborate work but it's nightmare
                                       to lift it up and place it on the back.
Save the child!
Hey, looking for a truck to hire?
Be careful, you may get yourself run over!
How did they ever do it.........rather baffling!
Epic slam dunk.
Blowing them away................
Oh Goodness Lord, we've met a T-Rex!
Big finger or small pond?
Oh my! Mom, I have shrunk!
This is really perplexing! Mind bending!
Be careful, not to drop it!
Two light-saber sword fighting ladies in modern clothing.
This is meaningless, I gather.
I've not met one guy who could swallow or throw out rainbows!
Looks like it's time for bed.
A little to the left, girls.
3,2,1....lift off!
This goes here.
Hmmm, I could use some shade.......
Lights out time!
Painting a picture.
Hey, you've got a chance to hug the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Must hang on....I've got kids to feed,
aged parents to look after.........
Can you watch my sister for me?
An unique fountain!
Pictures obtained from ViralNova Web page

Alan CY Kok

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