Friday, 18 April 2014

Singapore in the early years

Looking at the many ultra modern faces of Singapore as it presents its role as a major metropolitan of the world, it is hard to imagine how it looked like in the olden days. The pictures attached here were taken before Sentosa Island became a world famous tourism hotspot of Singapore, and long before Mainer Bay Sands was built.

The Hong Ling Park
A merry-go-round in Katong Park.
Entrance to Haji Lane
Haji Lane, towards Beach Road.
Convenience store at Holland Village.
Another facet of Holland Village
Newly completed apartment blocks at East Coast Park
Kampong Chantek, Bukit Timah.
Taxi of Singapore in the early years
Wet Market of China Town
Kereta Ayer Market
Vegetable farm-In later years vegetables are imported
mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia.
Seletar East Farmway fish farm
Vickers Vimy was the first aircraft to land in Singapore,
en route from England to Australia. Now Changi Airport
is one of the best airport in the world.
It handled 53 million passengers in 2013.
Tanjong Katong sea-side scene in the 1920s.
The Esplanade as it used to be.
The Padang where it housed the Parliament Building now.
The commuting  bus service then.
The train!
Flooding in the barber shop  at Raffles Quay, in the late 60s.
In 1972, Singapore did not allow visitors with long
hair-do to enter the island country.
However barber shops were there to cater to the needs
 of people wanting to enter Singapore at the border.
It was known as "Operation Snip Snip".
The Singapore central business district.
 Note the sporadic high-rise buildings
sprouting into the skyline.
In 1931, part of the Mount Emily Reservoir
was converted into a public swimming pool.

Alan CY Kok           

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