Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sweet animals of all kinds and their unique behaviour

Oh my! WWF is withdrawing their financial
aids to our Conservation Scheme.
Need to spread the news.
What a comfortable cradle as
puppy sleeps all the way home.
Foster Mom's back is where we take an afternoon nap.

What you're looking at?
Never seen a cat before?
Wow, a Banjo playing Squirrel! It's going to
be a Country & Western number.
Wait till you see one blowing a harmonica!
Baby bear cub first comes face to face with a human child.
Say, How're you doing?
In the absence of the mother dog, this is the
express way to feed the ever hungry puppies.
Blind doggie has a sweet looking girl to keep it company.
Poor chap, its sight is hindered by the
growth of cataract on both eyes.
Hey, look what I found!
Look out Bob, you've got company behind you!
Hi, have we met?
You want to eat me?
Fat hope! Catch me if you can.
Barbie Doll to be Sylvester the Cat's sleeping partner.
Look, it's General Cat comes a visiting.
It's more imposing than the Puss in boots.
Cats at home and outdoor.
Male Tom Cat all dressed up for different occasions.
Confined in a cage and indifferent to their surrounding.
Mother and baby wolf rest well.
The lovely Corgi wants to emulate a seal!
Cute Princess Snow White Kitten!
They're as curious as humans as why the ladies dress so skimpily.
Yes, I do look cute. Do I deserve some biscuits or sorts?
A baby's most dutiful nanny.
Meal time!
Want to see how a fox smile? This is how.
There's a park in Japan that keeps up to 50 foxes.
Try kissing me; I could be a prince charming
trapped in a cursed magical spell.
Aha! Now you see, you're in a delicate situation
as a result of  trying to  get
 into us cows' domain.
What an intimate chat; we got to see each other more often.
我问天,  我问天! I ask the sky:
what have you got for me?
A Pelican in a sombre mood.
Cute pet piglet got its nose smeared with darkened earth.
Cutie Koala Bear cub held in game keeper's palms.
Oh yes, the pair of horns up there weighs a ton.
I need to sit down to take a break.

Hey there, despicable you!
Doing such an abhorrent act in the Zoo.
Okay, slowly....cling your body close to the wall.
Move on with your hooves, don't look below.....
Mmmm, interesting. You think this skull
belongs to one of my fore-fathers?
Translation: In the countryside,
this is the way when one goes out with kids.
For pets, that's the way.
Wait, are they pets?
Big-eyed owl nestling tries so hard to
figure out how it finds its way here.

An obese cat.
You wake up too early. Now get back to sleep!
you hear me?
Fancy the dogs stay undisturbed by
your plastering them all over.
Yeah, now you're one of us - a pedigree breed and creed.
A nest of hamsters looking out curiously.
They don't tire easily.
One of the squirrel species, I guess?

Oh my! A smart Chipmunk harmonica player!
How often you see one?
Have I done anything wrong, Master?
Alright then Dad,
stop staring at my friend.
You frighten him!
Bronze tortoises pile up on top of each other.
You're too fat!
You're too fat too!
A Japanese boy shared his umbrella with a
dear whilst crossing the road.
                                         The picture became viral in the net.
Albino Dolphin & shy girl share a precious moment.
I now pronounce you husband and wife! Mr Dolphin,
could you blow an 'O' ring to signify as a witness.
for reading!
Photos and pictures were collected  from the net, e-mails and from the FB,
and some were copied from Chinese press newsprints.
Alan CY Kok

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