Monday, 26 May 2014

The infectious yet ludicrous sleeping syndrome

At the final quarter of the year the division heads and representatives of the various UMNO branches by the thousands rushed from their comfortable domiciliary districts and villages to Kuala Lumpur for their annual general assembly, held in their majestic PWTC building. Delegates turned weary and tired naturally after hours or a  whole day of travel from as far as few hundred kilometres away. They were quickly exhausted and their enthusiasm and excitement waned. While they tried strenuously to pay attention when the national leaders spoke, followed by endless further speeches from other divisional representatives, the unbearable heat and tension exerted on them took a toll on them. They began to slumber to their seats even with the speeches blaring loud at their ears, with the sound amplification working well. Gradually, one by one, the delegates both men and women gave in to their call of nature to doze off as they could not defy their bodies' protest for a rest. Thus the ever alert and vigilante photojournalists had a good time shooting the pictures of the snoozing for their publication and sharing.
Mind I take a candid shot of you dozing off?
Let's all have a good time, stay away from
the dreaded debates of it all.

I really need to close my eyes for a while, just a while.
 It's the lunch break you know?
The heat of the speeches and debates raised
are so intense that it's hard to
keep everyone in focus.
Should I or should I not.....steal a moment to dreamland?
Sleep further, sleep on. That might have cost  you
 the most pivoted seat of the chief minister.
While the debate is going on......since I'm not
involved, I may as well take a nap.
The notorious loud-mouth Perkasa chief nick-named Kermit the Frog
slumbered to his seat while recharging himself for much zest
 he needed later to move ridiculous motion in the assembly.
Poor Pak Lah, the previous PM couldn't help it but fell asleep as he was known to have suffered a sickness that made him sleepy. Anyway running the affair of a country was never an easy job, enticing one's full dedication and devotion.
There's no reason I couldn't fall asleep in midst of
meeting as my predecessor was
well-known for that.
United Nation declares March 21st -
International Elimination of Apartheid Day 

Alan CY Kok

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