Monday, 5 May 2014

There are times people fail so miserably

The result of employing foreign workers
who're not proficient in the English language.
Apparently there's a confusion somewhere.......
the manufacturer of this school children's bags
does not know American culture.
Teresa Kennedy a black man? And the
black man has two identities!
Never heard of this multigrain cereal combination.
 I rest my case.
What's the ear for if it's moulded inside the mug!
This Dick fellow is talking about paper
money floats on water,
not the mobile phone.
Eddie isn't going to like this.
He's proud to be a black.
All the girlie things..........anyway he's just a baby.
A newbie prepared the burger not knowing
what to do with the slice of cheese!
How in the world.........?
Mentally challenging job to put up this mammoth billboard.
Yet no one noticed the discrepancy until the work was completed.
Where are you focussing, little fella? I can't help it!
They got my eye sewed up side down.
What do you name this take away dish?
Teaching the wrong sense of directions to
young children could land them in trouble.
Really silly up side down ads on this can of fruit juice.
How on earth would the designer name
this continent as Asia?
Might as well use a pair of scissors.........
A case of worst door design for fixture and fitting.
3rd or 1st !
It is placed in the other drawer....oops, I can't open that!
How silly!
Mayonnaise and mustard colours mixed up!
??Assault suspect's identity unknown.
Corns, maize or onions?
Redundancy and Irrelevance.
You sure the insect is correctly named?
One could not expect these food ingredients to be sold.
Now what?
Which comes first?
Half of the stairway is for?
Viralnova trending stories on the web shares with us.
Alan CY Kok

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