Sunday, 1 June 2014

Animal babies and human children

Oh, Mom is so huge that she almost crushed me to death.
It's good to be away from her for a while.
But then I'm getting hungry.........Pity the little hypo.
Cold, wet and hungry rabbit baby awaits attention and food.
Poor racoon baby finds shelter at the door steps of a human family.
Obviously it has strayed away from the care of its mother.
How you're doing? Horse parents comfort their little
offspring who is undergoing assessment check-up.
Master expects me to fly? It's a face mask I reckon.
I'm too dog-tired to finish my meal.
Hey, do you know which way to the market?
Come, relax. Let me brush your tender fur.
The little boy seems to tell the young calf.
The family of mice was almost cut into pieces for breakfast serving. 
Somehow they slept through the ordeal.
Nice to snuggle up to my Dachshund friend to get some sleep.
                                           It's freezing without a blanket.
                                   He's wearing a cardigan to keep warm.
They are inseparable.
Mmmm....interesting, this Sudoku Mummy
taught me is rather intriguing.....
Guess I will love to have this baby in my company.
Guess I should retract what I said earlier.
New-born Baby and Dad firmly bonded together.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother !
A poor farmer's child just realised that he had cooked
pork slices in his luncheon bowl.
Immense happiness was registered on the face of this Russian boy
after WWII when he received his first pair of new leather shoes.
Never let go ! Friendship forever !
Daddy doesn't know that I have just farted !
Twins, are they? Oh no, it's Crayon Shin-chan
蜡笔小新 keeping the baby company!
You sure you've the cash?
Hey Mummy, don't forget to pick up my favourite beef burger from Big Mac on your way back ? With extra large Coke and more French fries and few sausages!

Greatest Mom forces son to do corrective, damage repair by displaying a signboard telling passers-by that he has been a bully in school.
It says "Shame on me for being a bully".
                The conscientious mother ensures that justice must prevail.

All pictures are obtained from FB and e-mails I received.

Alan CY Kok


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