Sunday, 15 June 2014

Freaks of nature in animal, insect, and marine life kingdom

World Champion supreme Percheron horse stands
tall as an enormous breed.
It'll be proud to own one.
Giant oarfish being washed ashore, freaking out beach-combers.
The famous Japanese spider crabs could weigh up to
40lbs and do serious damage with their claws.
The largest flying fox of New Guinea is a fruit eating bat.
Trigger the Cow is 6.5ft tall, its length is 14ft and it  weighs over 1 ton.
 Its body could produce 7,665 Big Macs!
This awesome Titan Beetle is second only to the Hercules Beetles in size.
                                       This one grows to 6.5 inches in length. 
                               Both are found in the rain forest of South America.
 Mekong Giant Catfish are found in the polluted waterways of
South-Western China. They can grow up to 10.5ft long.
Macroptychaster sea stars. These two giant Sea Star were
 found by scientists in Antarctic waters in 2008.
Nomura Jellyfish is found off the coastal region of Japan, it could weigh up to
                        440lbs. It's about the size as the Lion's mane Jellyfish,
                                             the largest in the world.
This wild giant hog was brought down by 11-year-old Jamison Stone. It was widely speculated that the picture was faked. The wild pig weighed 1,051lbs and was 9ft 4in long from its snout to the tip of its tail.
 African Goliath Frog caught in Cameroon, where it's not uncommon to find.
It could live up to 15 years. It eats insects and bugs, snakes and other frogs.
The giant bird-eating huntsman spider. This species is found in Laos and is larger than its cousin running wild in Australia. It's mainly a dark cave dweller.
Giant Great Dane George is a Guinness World record holder as the largest dog, weighing at a hefty 245lbs. It is also well-known for being adorable.
 A coconut crab grabs my dust bin! The coconut crabs are found on islands across the Indian Ocean and part of Pacific Ocean. They are large-bodied giant crabs with strong claws strong enough to crack coconuts. They don't taste good for food.
Giant freshwater Stingray: It grows up to 1,300lbs and
is considered as an endangered species. 
A giant rat was killed in January, 2012 in a Bronx, NY Foot Locker. It's so huge that most believed it was a fake. They should think so. But report seemed to indicate a real rat being killed. It was real big!
Flemish rabbits are big, furry pets but Sandy is the biggest! Here she's
seen nudging her friendly roommate Sheltie the Collie doggie.
Largest salt water crocodile ever captured. It was caught after a 3 week effort of hunting. The gigantic amphibian weighed over 2,369lb and was 21ft long. It was caught in the Philippines.
Yak! I won't hug that slimy creature. The giant Chinese salamander can grow up to 6ft in length. The giant lizard is almost blind and can be found in lakes and streams of China.
This is a giant weta criket devouring a carrot. It's found on a small island
near New Zealand - the Lesser Monster Island, next to Australia.
Originally found in Central and South America, the giant cane toad is a nuisance to Australia's endangered wildlife. It has few predators because of its extremely toxic skin.
I won't eat those stuff. These giant snails are found in East Africa, they are a great nuisance to the farmers as they can reach up to 8in in length as they grow. Besides it spread human diseases.

Viralnova Pictures shared
Alan  CY  Kok

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