Sunday, 15 June 2014

Guy discovered a family of red foxes living under the shed at his backyard.

One day a guy discovered some activities going on under the shed at his backyard. There was a small opening under the shed with multiple tracks in and out of the opening. To his amusement it wasn't monsters living there but an adorable family of red foxes. Most people would think red foxes are sly animals that kill livestock, but they are actually helpful to kill smaller pests too. If you are lucky enough to have red fox family living at your backyard, (provided you don't rear chicken poultry as well. ) just bask their cuteness and do not harm them.
 These adorable little faces just peeking out
 from under the shed one day
Their ethics could melt the coldest of hearts.
Just look at them having great time chasing
and playing with one another.
Not only that the red foxes has been taken
care of the local pesky varmints.
Momma has always been looking after her sweet
little kids with full attention.
It's playtime !
Closely followed by meal time !
What a little happy family!
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Alan CY Kok           

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