Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kids took destruction to a new level of insanity-Poor Mommy!

Curiosity got better half of them - what's stuffing in that couch? 
Mom should have got her a white board, better still an I-Pad !
Perhaps a white board will do. Hope it isn't a permanent marker!
Well, just get ready with some cash to replace the broken parts.
You can't say she's adorable.
They sure have good time.
Now the turkey looks like a storm-trooper.
How you get in there in the first place?
Just powder game, Mom. Don't get mad with me!
Giant stuffed banana animal needs some sewing job.
This could cost a bomb.
New design for the I-Phone cover.
Mom just survives a war zone assault. Poor lady home maker.
Vacuum cleaner will do the job; Dad got to do it,
Mom is too mad with us.
Guess the gold fish won't survive the ordeal,
after being fed with black pepper!
Black paint splashed on red carpet. Oh my!
Keyboard widely damaged or should I say blatantly vandalised!
A place where terrorists held their hostages?
No, this is the mess found under a kid's bed!
Hey Mom, I've done my art work homework!
Powder and lipstick are what a young girl yean for.
Nice to have chance to practise while
still remain a toddler.
Are you kids preparing for garage sale?
Flour all over the floor! Surely there won't
be pancakes for dinner tonight.
Flour powder tastes terrible!
War Zone!
ViralNova pictures shared.
Alan CY Kok

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